Take the People You Hate and Turn Them Into Hero’s

I am trying to write a fiction novel centralized around a young girl who learns a lot about life from a grungy, 27 year old that manages a local coffee shop. I currently have a little over 4,000 words written, and like what I see. My protagonist is a sassy, teenage girl trying to figure out what she is going to do after graduation. Her best friend is a beautiful, intelligent, type A personality that is absolutely wonderful. She can be arrogant and cocky, but at the end of the day she has a heart of gold. 

I think writing is therapeutic and I am sure many writers use their craft to secretly get revenge on those that did them wrong. I am odd, and take people I hate and turn them into hero’s. The hero in my book is based off someone I actually hate. He is a loser, with a shitty personality and looks like he is in his 40’s when he is in his 20’s. I think it’s important for us to forgive these types of people, and let go of getting revenge on them, it puts you at peace to take negative people and turn them into positive characters.


20’s Versus Teen Years & Why They Are So Much Better

I am not afraid of aging, at least not mentally. I know so much more now than I did at 17. I will give you a few examples, when I was a teenager I met this guy lets call him “dipshit”, I thought he was really attractive. Well dipshit was incredibly disrespectful towards me, rude to me in front of his friends, called me stupid in his car, thank heavens he did not last long. He was in my life for approximately one week. Now the teenage version of myself sat there like a frightened puppy, and let this jerk belittle me but the adult me would have torn him a new one if you know what I mean. Looking back now I realize this guy was not very good looking, he was uneducated, and was not going to amount to much. Once you gain some life experiences, you see guys like him from a mile away and learn to keep your distance. They are not worth any female’s time, because a guy that treats a girl like this is scum. Sometimes I wish I could run into him now, so I could give him my “I know you but I am not going to acknowledge you look”. It always annoys guys, and I find it entertaining.

Now let’s talk about Mr. Suave. I used to think this dude had it all, good looks, charming personality, intelligence all equipped with a selfish attitude and self centered core. While men like this often appear like they have it all, many times they do not because they are the kinds of people nobody really likes. Nobody wants to be around a liar, or a cheater or someone that treats you like a toy. Eventually they grow tired of you and walk away. He taught me that being a good person that gets hurt sometimes is far better than being a jerk that “appears” to be on top of the world.

Than there is Mr. The Glass isnt even half full for it is completely empty! This guy was never happy, and he probably will never be. He is immature, rude, and miserable. I ignore guys like him now, because they are toxic. I am a confident, happy, strong woman and I do not need to have someone like him in my life.

With that being said, I am going to have one hell of year! I am beginning my new job later this month, which I am EXTREMELY psyched about, GREAT company, I will finish the rough draft of my book, and I will be creating better Youtube videos now that I have access to a green screen! My series As If You Didn’t Know That will be seen weekly, probably every Monday.



Crazy People Change The World..For The Better

I have always been a bit weird. When I was a little girl, I thought there were small people in the car radio that sang and that is where music came from. I used to contemplate different ways I could open up the speaker and steal those tiny people. I have no idea where this strange thought came about. 

When I was six I learned how to write. It was like falling in love for the first time, because it was something I was good at. I was never athletic, I sucked at math and I was incredibly shy but I could do anything with a pencil and a piece of notebook paper. It was here on out I knew I wanted to be a writer. I love telling stories, I love exaggerating and most of all I adore creating characters. Mine are so precise, I let you know who they are down the last freckle. 

Writers are crazy. We have a few screws loose in our brains, they were probably never screwed on tight to begin with but that is what makes us special. Crazy people that think outside of the box change the world, because they were not afraid to follow their dreams, get belittled and created their own rules instead of following others. 

So be weird please..think outside of the box..dress how you want to and don’t be afraid of criticism. It is all a part of life.

Death The One Thing Money Cannot Control

I am shaken up over the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith, although I am not a “gleek”, I did get the honor of sharing a couple of moments in his presence. I also know a few people that met him, and said he was a wonderful human being, my heart goes out to his family, because death is something nobody ever really gets over, nothing in this world can replace the people you love. Nothing. 

We begin life pure, wholesome and untainted. Than as our lives begin to progress some of us have horrible experiences, ones that can perpetuate endless cycles of poor behavior. Unfortunately, for Monteith his on and off again substance abuse problem cost him his life, and this breaks my heart. I hate seeing genuine people fall victim to their own emotions. I know many of his fans are teenagers, and are at one of the most fragile stages of their lives, please remember that there is a rainbow after the storm. Don’t turn to drugs to subside your pain.

I am not trying to go all Nancy Reagan on everybody, but I am very much anti-drugs. There are so many different ways to cope with sadness, writing is one of the best therapies, because you can create anything you want when you are making a story, a song, a poem, whatever. Finding a healthy hobby like working out can make you feel and look better plus its inexpensive! Hiking=free! Walking=free! Running=Free! Most gyms=cheap (you get the picture right?!) You can also get your negative energy out by talking with friends, painting, drawing, anything artistic, you don’t need drugs! They only make your problems worse. When you face problems, such as drug abuse so do the people that love you the most. They also become victimized by your addiction. Regardless of who you are there is someone out there that loves you, I promise. 

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing in the world, because NOTHING will ever bring them back, the people you love most are completely irreplaceable. They could be there in front of your face laughing and the next moment lifeless in a coffin. The shittiest thing in the world is to see someones name written on a stone. If you are going through a tough time in your life remember there is always hope, and success is determined by how many times you stumbled, and had the strength to get right back up and try again! 

xoxoxo- JP


“When someone is mean to me I just make them a victim in my next book- Mary Higgins Clark

I am over 9,000 words in now, and unfortunately experiencing writers block, therefore I wish to express my thoughts through this blog. I feel like writing about random topics helps provoke my thoughts. I found the quote above, and thought it was quite interesting, because originally I wanted to get back at people that did me wrong and make them victims in my story, however now I have come to conclusion that I want to vilify them and than redeem them. I think people that are assholes are that way because somewhere along the line they were victimized. I also believe that I was just a punching bag for these idiots, in no way shape or form does it excuse their lack of compassion, and rude behavior but you know what we are all people. We all bleed blood, and cry tears. That is one point I hope people to will see in my story, its important to forgive people because if you dont they had the last laugh, and what fun is that? 

7,000 Words In.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. I remember the first sentence I ever learned was See Me. Writing was a way for me to express myself, and with a pencil, and a piece of lined paper I could create anything I wanted. I am writing my first Young Adult fiction book. I am a published writer, I contributed articles to ScreenPicks.com, Food World News, and frequently write reviews for Hollywood Junket. I enjoy writing Entertainment articles, and expressing my thoughts on television shows, I love to critique and put my two sense into everything, however creative writing is my passion. The characters I am creating with the first draft of this book are marvelous. One of them in particular is what I wish I could have been at 16 years old. She is witty, beautiful, intelligent, and not afraid to voice her opinion. The asshole in my story will fall madly in love with her, so cliche, I know but every book needs some romance. My book will incorporate romance into the story plot, however there will also be complex concepts. My book’s main point is to be forgiving, so many of my characters will suffer, but forgiveness allows them to heal, one particular character will never heal and she will do something tragic in the end of the story, one must remember an eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind-Gandhi

Writing is therapeutic, it allows me to get some sort of revenge on people that scarred me. I know that is immature, but whatever there is one particular person I will HATE until I die. I wish I could go back in time, and stand up to him, I wish I could run into him now, and break his nose. He is a complete piece of shit, and I hope his life sucks now, for he will have one hell of a horrible life in my book. I have not written a character for this asshole yet, I thought about killing him in my story, but that is stupid, I would much rather destroy his life. I still cant believe I sat there frozen like an ice cube, and allowed him to talk down to me like the way he did, what the hell was I thinking? Oh how I resent some parts about my teenage years, I have no idea what happened in real life to this prick, however I would imagine him getting really fat, with a shitty job, and a dog that does not like him. I have this vision of me being stopped at a redlight looking like dynamite in a brand new Lexus, and looking over to see him in some old beat up truck with a cigarette in his hand, and tears in his eyes, I would totally look over, smile and than roll my eyes at him, and speed off. SCREW HIM!!!

There will also be other characters inspired by wonderful people I have met. People I admire, strong people, that have not had it easy. I absolutely LOVEEEEE people that came from rough childhoods, I feel so much sympathy for these people, and think they are so fucking amazing. Right now my story is alittle over 7,000 words..