Cheap Fitness Tips

Sooooooo…lately I have been trying to work out at least 4 times a week! My diet is not the greatest, however it is definitely improving..I have been trying to increase my protein intake by eating more fish and egg whites, and decrease my sugar obsession. I know eating healthy can be expensive, but I have found some great deals!

 If you do not have access to gym equipment, two reasonably priced gyms are Planet Fitness and Golds. My membership to PF is only $10 a mth, open 24/hrs and has new equipment. I love doing the elliptical machine for cardio, I am noticing my legs are looking better because I put the resistance level high. My arms are my weak spot, I have no upper body strength so I have been lifting (using machines not weights) I am only doing like 3 sets of 10, and will try to increase this! I HATE ab exercises, however they have to done in order to get that flat, toned tummy! 

Now for food! SPINACH, SPINACH & more SPINACH! I buy a big bag of spinach for $3, I love putting it in egg whites, and eating it with salmon. I usually buy a piece of salmon for $5 and split it up for 3 days of lunch and eat it on bread. Eggs are also incredibly reasonably priced, and are a great source of protein. I have been trying to increase my water intake, because A: its great to be hydrated B: its a natural appetite suppressant. Coconut water is absolutely delicious!! I never ever thought I would like it, however it is amazing!!!! And low in calories and sugar. If you have a Costco membership you can purchase it in bulk. I also enjoy eating greek yogurt with granola, it has a decent amount of protein and helps decrease my desire to eat sugar!! They are usually on sale for $1 each. 

What are your healthy tips? Or something thats healthy but cheap to eat!?

It Is Cool To Be Unpopular

Apparently, the entire internet is in an uproar over what the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch said in regards to the primary demographic the brand tries to attract. He explained how they purposely do not provide female sizes larger than a size 10, because he wants the “cool” kids to wear it. Okay, I think what he said was rude, and putting down a certain demographic, because he does not find them applicable enough to don their attire, is rude and a significant amount of people were offended by his harsh remarks. Here is the deal EVERY brand is catering to a certain demographic, it is just not politically correct to flat out say; Ralph Lauren’s $88 Polo shirts are targeting a certain demographic, people who are preppy, and can afford to purchase expensive clothing. When someone walks into the room with that small logo in the right hand of their shirt, it represents class, style, and sophistication. All of those terms are often associated with wealth. Are all wealthy people classy, stylish, and sophisticated? Of course, not, some are rather classless, dumb, and look like they have not brushed their hair in a month. When a girl walks in to the door wearing Juicy Couture workout clothing, it also says something. It says I am willing to spend $200 on an outfit I am going to sweat in, because I care more about looking stylish at the gym than getting a great workout. These women typically have flat asses, because they are too busy shopping for work out attire rather than doing squats.

The message I am trying to convey in this post is everything is marketed towards a certain person, if it were not brands could not even exist. It is mean to say something like the brand is marketed towards the “cool” kids, but come on does that really piss you off that much? I am glad I was not wearing Abercrombie, and hanging out with the “cool” kids, because all the people I admire were outcasts, and thought outside of the box. The majority of the cool kids ended up married, with little ambition, and live mediocre lives. I am not mediocre, and I will never settle for mediocre. People that grew up to do great things with their lives were often high school rejects, and I am proud to have never been popular. Not being a popular kid allowed me to develop a personality, a sense of humor, and let me express my creative side.

In the end enjoy the brands to buy, because they make you happy. Who cares about what some CEO says about beauty, and size.