Virgins, Sex and 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey finally made its way into a theater near your ass this weekend, and so far it is getting terrible reviews (shocker there), and I have not seen the film yet, however it does spark my interest. I want to see how far conservative Tinseltown went with the steamy sex scenes. I only read the first 100 pages of the book, and it was months ago, I had to stop, because I found it rather annoying, and completely unrealistic. I understand we all have fantasies, but I just don’t like ridiculous fantasies when it comes down to sex.

In the book, the sex crazed maniac, Christian Grey falls for the innocent, virginal, Anastasia Steele (how original *cough*) and from what I read he became obsessed. He was pretty much a stalker, but because he that slim body, a bunch of zeros in his bank account, and skinny fingers it was okay for him to be a total creeper. She was so happy that he was giving her all this attention, therefore the fact that he might be a crazy serial killer or something never even crossed her mind. 

Christian lusts after her innocence. Most men want a virginal innocent female they can teach, and a more sexually experienced one they learn from. In my opinion, I believe this is an enormous issue not only with this book, but in life in general. I think American society is still conservative, and just a wee bit backwards. Women are supposed to look sexual, and be sexy, but they cant be too sexually experienced, or have had too many partners, because it makes them a “whore”. Christian is chasing after someone who is very different from him. The same way many sexually experienced men chase after virginal, or more innocent girls in hopes of finding a more stable relationship. I think some men have this theory in their minds that a girl who has had little, or no sex partners will be a more suitable wife/girlfriend. They see the experienced girl as a recipe for disaster, or maybe they don’t think they can bring her home to their mama. I think this is a bad move. Sex is an important part of a relationship, and if your partner is much less experienced than you it could be an issue. They could potentially bore you, and you know what happens when someone gets sexually bored, or frustrated they’re more inclined to cheat, because they have the emotional connection with someone, but go out and get the good sex elsewhere. It’s a selfish move, but it happens all the time.

To the people who have completed this book, what are your thoughts about the whole freak chasing after the virgin concept?