Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks..Done the Snarky Way

Since I ❤ digital marketing…I am going to give you a few tips :)…

1.) Do not fucking spam sites. I mean it. Do not randomly post your damn website on reddit, instagram and Youtube. This will increase your bounce rate and will screw with your ranking on google!

2.) UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA! AGAIN UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY YOUR FOLLOWERS it is a waste of damn time! Those bots will not do shit for you! Instead, engage with people you can benefit from, respond to their tweets, share their FB posts, make comments etc. The followers will come. Twitter is my main bitch, because I accumulated thousands of hits on articles I wrote, because I was able to get people with tons of followers to rt me :).

3.) It is all about NEW MEDIA! You need to build relationships with you tubers, podcasters…etc! Create your own damn podcast; it is super easy, and shows you are an expert within your industry.

4.) Your site should be FULL of photos, and should not contain a shit ton of pages, and content. Your site can kick ass on Google by focusing more on images, because believe it or not people do not read like they used to. Tag your images correctly, and tag your videos, and have some kick ass online PR and you shall be good to go :).

Hope these tips helped 🙂 follow me on twitter

Sorry Facebook We Had to Break Up For Now

I deactivated my Facebook, and I am glad I did! I love social media, and using Facebook for business purposes, but I am over using it for my personal use, because I honestly block half of my friends from my newsfeed. I will take Twitter and Instagram over Facebook any day of the week! 

I think I am outgrowing Facebook LOL, I feel like I go back in time when I log in, and I am not a teenage girl anymore, and I have no desire to feel like one. What are your thoughts on Facebook? And social media in general?

I Am OVER Facebook

Facebook has become a place for people to snoop, and find out pointless information about one another. It has become a network infested with lies and false personas. It is a way for people to find out what happened to an old fling, or their secret high school crush. It is a place where relationships begin and die. It is a social network that I am sick of. Facebook invades my privacy; it links up people from my phone-book and places them on my “people you may know” list at the top of the screen. There are plenty of people in my phone-book I do not want to be friends with, because I like to keep it friends and family only. I do not want to grant certain people access into my personal life.

I am also over people posting political memes which end up in pointless heated debates. I have seen grown ass people bicker about how horrible Obama is and how he is destroying this country. I simply unfollow the post. In fact, I have become accustomed to unfollowing TONS of people, because they pop up in my news feed too often, or post too many selfies, or annoy me.

I love Twitter, because it allows you interact with people you normally would not. I also believe people appear wittier and do not constantly post obnoxious comments, or whine about their relationships. This goes for the people I follow. Of course there are Twitter idiots, trolls and people tweeting dumb shit. I do not follow them.

Why don’t you just un-friend the annoying folks from Facebook? Because I do not want to make anyone mad and some happen to be friends :/.


Annoying People At The Gym!


Please excuse me, I do not even know why I just typed that.

There are all sorts of people that attend fitness facilities. There are the juice heads, the girls that come with their sneakers matching perfectly with their shorts, and flawless makeup. Some how they manage to never ever sweat (sarcasm), then there are the guys that nonchalantly go on the elliptical directly behind you when there are like a thousand other ones opened just so they get a great look of your ass while they are doing their daily cardio. There are the people that hog up machines, because they are to busy tweeting and instagramming how they are working out on their phones! Quit tweeting and start lifting! Sheesh.

Then there are the nosy folks that will stare at what you are doing as if you are some sort of a magical creature they have never seen before. Don’t stare, it is fucking RUDE!

Tell me about the annoying people at your gym 🙂