TMI- The Office

I am not quite sure how many of my readers work in an office environment, but if you do this one is for you, and if you do not here are a few tips for your future if you shall work in one.

I am writing this post, because I feel like once people get comfortable with one another they think it is okay to reveal private information about themselves, and then try to get the scoop on you. Sorry sweetheart this girl will not be making any headlines anytime soon.

1. Who is fucking who- Some people love to brag about who they are banging especially if it is someone they work with. Come on this is so high school. Keep it to yourself please.

2. Who is cheating on their significant other- I have worked at a few different offices, and yes there is always someone cheating, and it always seems to make it as the “it” conversation like a juicy headline on some gossip magazine. Why is someone cheating that interesting?

3. Discussing your sex life- Sex is an awesome topic to discuss, but not at work. I do not wish to discuss sex in a professional environment, and sometimes I come off as conservative, but it is a defense mechanism. I don’t want my co-workers to know any details of my relationships especially anything sexual. 

4. Why you called out- We all get sick, or take days off, but trying to figure out why people did so a particular time is flat out nosey. If you work in an office environment you have an office busy body that keeps tabs on whatever the fuck everyone is doing even if they are not in the same department.

5. Too much whining- Sometimes I think I am a psychologist, because people LOVE to tell me their problems. They seem to think I am some magical genie and I have the solution to all of their problems stored away in my lamp. Well, sorry sunshine, but I don’t! I cannot help you with your weight problems, or your relationship problems, or your low self esteem issues. Go see a doctor!

Well that is it for now! I am going to be making a video to upload this Saturday, and will continue to make Saturday “Snarky Saturdays” where I will upload a new video! For this week, would you like “top reasons people block you from their Facebook news feed, or horrible songs that need to stop getting air time”. I will also be doing Man Crush Mondays again, and Women Crush Wednesdays starting up again next week! If you are a blogger that would like to get featured on one of those please email me at, or send me a tweet @Jaclynashley79