#MCM Thought Catalog Writers!

Happy Monday ALL!

This week’s MCMS focuses on Thought Catalog and three amazing writers! You should check out their latest posts 🙂

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Bloggers/ Writers You NEED To Check out

1. Christopher Hudspeth- He is a staff writer at Thought Catalog, and my favorite one indeed! I love, love Thought Catalog, and Chris’s posts always make my day. He recently wrote one about Marilyn Monroe quotes and it made me chuckle. Check it out:


2. Ben from Ben’s Bitter blog- The layout is awesome, and I adore the whole “about me” section. He also writes about a variety of different topics so his blog does not get boring! Here is my favorite section of his site:


3.Sarah from Nocrybabies.net- She writes alot like me! Everything incorporates a touch of sass and sarcasm. She also discusses real life situations like annoying co-workers, funny memes, and posts her photography picture. Check her out: