They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing.

I think this is going to be my controversial post yet, because it is about that dangerous four letter word p-o-r-n. Most people if not ALL have seen pornography, and plenty of people watch it on a regular basis. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with porn. We all have sex…period. Some people do not mind faking it on camera, and I am not going to judge them for it. I am an incredibly flawed human being, and because of it I try not to judge others. There are plenty of porn stars who are articulate, nice people that have caring hearts. Who are you to judge? For you too are a sinner.

Americans are sex obsessed, because we live in a capitalistic culture that constantly sells us sex, but then shuns us for doing it. WTF? I do understand that there are issues with pornography, and I do not agree with everything the industry sells. I am against over sexualizing young girls, but you know who else does this? The media. Yep. When Britney Spears first came onto the scene (no pun intended 🙂 she was sold as an underage teen sex pot. She was seen posing in raunchy positions under the age of 18. The same goes for Christina Aguilera who also sold sex to young girls at a young age. Porn is sex, and at least it is straight forward about it. The shampoo companies that have the sexy model orgasming in the elevator (Herbal Essences- it was an older commercial probably 2000) are being rather sneaky, because you think they are selling you a bottle of shampoo, but they are selling you so much more than that. They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing. 

 I have more respect for porn stars than farmers. I know I am so weird, I am on a whole new level of crazy ass liberal. I think porn is a job, a controversial one that is often seen as degrading but it is still a job, and in my eyes they aren’t killing anyone. 

Do some people have issues with porn? um yes, the ones that see it as real sex do! It is seriously another form of entertainment; it isn’t real sex. It is just a fantasy!

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Why I DIG Paris Hilton

You are probably thinking what the fuck. Why did I even click on this blog entry has this girl gone made? No, I have not. I actually dig Paris Hilton, because  at one point she was the talk of the town, and although she got caught with cocaine, she never checked into rehab, or bitched about being famous. I think too many celebrities bitch about their fame. I understand that being famous is not easy, because people bother you, take photos and tear you apart just to sell magazines, but I also believe the celebrities that are always seen in the tabloids want to be there. There are plenty of A listers that are rarely seen in those skanky tabloids, because they dont hang out at spots where photographers will be!! I also think if you are playing the fame game you cannot throw a bitch fit every time the dice is rolled not in your favor. 

I think Paris Hilton owns her fame. She doesnt really give a fuck about what people think about her. She hasnt  had an unsuccessful marriage like many other celebs, and she seems to unapologetic about being who she is. I think she plays up the dumb blonde image for television, I think if I were to sit down and have a conversation with her I wouldnt be disappointed. Television loves stereotypes, and its kind of depressing. She was also an easy target at one point because lets face it she is famous for being famous, grew up privileged and doesnt really have to work.   She also has legs for days and that naturally slim body. She can probably eat like a horse, and not put on a pound its not fair. With that being said, yes I totally dig Paris Hilton!

Blondes Are Dumb And Fat People Are Lazy

We are surrounded by them weekly, maybe some of us face them daily. They can cause people to view others in a specific way, and this can sever potential relationships, and cause violence. These ideas are frequently seen in movies, television, and our every day lives. You see a pretty blonde girl you may automatically believe she is lacking anything inside of her skull, I mean really the only attribute she has to offer to society is her beauty. You are sitting on a bench watching an overweight person sluggishly stroll by, you think to yourself…they are that way because they are lazy. 

We are quick to judge one another, because of stereotypes. We often see them in movies, and will continue to do so because they are easy to comprehend. The dumbest of the dumb  can understand while watching a movie that a pretty girl is a bimbo, lacking any significant knowledge,  or a poor looking African American male is a thug. Asians are incredibly smart, good at math, and many speak with a broken English accent. 

All of these things are clearly not true, however there are some ignorant people that believe they are. They are individuals that are quick to judge a book by its cover, and are too lazy enough to even attempt to go past the cover to the intro page. 

It is 2013, I think it is about time we begin to look past the exterior of people to figure out who they truly are. Everyone has their own story, their own pain and success. When we think with an ignorant mind we miss out on some wonderful friendships, and relationships. Image 

Quit Blaming Your Big Waistline On The Media

America has a huge problem with obesity. Now the issue is affecting our youth; according to the American Heart Association nearly 23.9 children ages 2-19 are either overweight or obese. 

I recently watched a documentary on obesity, it is on Netflix. Biochemists explained that humans cannot help the fact that we are frequently hungry. We are biologically programmed to like to eat, because we needed to consume large amount of calories in order to survive. In previous generations, having the ability to consume a large amount of calories was rare, so humans had to take advantage of it, those that could not easily store fat could not survive. In modern times, humans can consume thousands of calories in just one sitting, for a cheap price, allowing their waist lines to suffer. 

Than there is this small powerful medium called television. Television often sets the standards for what is beautiful, and what is not. We are frequently exposed to “thin” or “skinny” celebrities, whom are glorified because of their “stunning” looks. Magazine covers often show thinner women on their covers, which can perpetuate eating disorders. Here is the thing, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer thin, other prefer curvy, some even prefer someone alittle soft, and chubby. I think the main issue here has nothing to do with ridiculous beauty standards, I believe it has to do with health. When I see someone that is obese, I do not find them attractive. Why? To me it is just unhealthy. I do not believe a certain dress size determines how pretty or ugly a woman is, however I do believe that health does. I think people should be more concerned with their body fat percentage than what Glamour shoves down their throats. 

People must also understand every image the media shows you, is photo shopped. Models do not even look like models, that advertisement selling you clothing has taken that model, and generated a fabricated, more “attractive” version of what that person looks like. They slim waists, whiten teeth, add larger breasts, brighten their eyes, etc. I think it is sad, that people especially younger ones feel the need to compare themselves to an image that almost appears cartoon like, because it doesnt even look like the real model. 

People often blame television, magazines for their poor body image, and I lack empathy for them. Who gives a shit? Take care of your body, and your gut will not pour over your jeans. You take care of your body, and it will take care of you.


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