Revenge of The WTF’s!


Sometimes I just want a button installed onto my body that yells “wtf” whenever I witness, or hear some of these things. Do you agree? 

1. When people call you out for doing something they did yesterday…its like WTF!

2. When people see venting as a one way situation like you can vent to me until you’re blue in the face, however when I do it you call me out on it…its like WTF!

3. When someone repeatedly insults me, but can’t take one of my snarky ass comments back…its like WTF!

4. When people block the entire row of a grocery store, and fail to realize they’re doing this because they’re chatting on their cell phone..its like WTF!

5. When people wear clothing that clearly does not fit..its like WTF.

6. When co-workers disrespectful you at work, and get mad when you get sassy with them…its like WTF.

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