Why Do Some Women Remain Teenagers?

Good Morning, or Good Afternoon ¬†to whoever the fuck is reading this ūüôā Today, like every other Sunday is Snarky Sunday :), I will be posting a video shortly, but it is NOT what I wanted, because last week I ordered a green screen, and it STILL HAS NOT FUCKING CAME YET! I am extremely pissed off, and hope to¬†get it by Tuesday (I sent them a nice, little, snide email) The reason why I am mad is because I was told it was shipped out on Tuesday, but when I checked the ups tracking number it said it had not been shipped yet ugh!¬†

Anyways, I know you do not want to read my whiny, babbling, but today I would like to discuss “competitive friends”. I am sure you have them, or had them at one point, because we all experience this especially us females. Other women that want to compete with us over the dumbest shit, or just enjoy taking digs at us for our their own amusement, fucking obnoxious! I¬†seriously hate it when people want to elaborate on how much better they are at me at doing something, as if I fucking care! It is¬†super childish, and rather annoying. Why do some women remain teenagers? Why¬†don’t some women grow the fuck up? Not everything is a competition, and REAL friends pat you on the back when you succeed they¬†don’t try to turn your victory into their success. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in this world that are only out for themselves, and really do not care about your feelings, which is probably a huge reason as to why I am a snarky asshole.¬†

I CAN be competitive, but in a humorous way, everything I do in life I try to do it with humor. I am a damn clown, and usually the comic relief in all situations, and I love making people laugh. I hate it when people challenge my humor, it really pisses me off, because I am pretty damn good at making people laugh, and really want to learn more about writing comedy! Even assholes love a good laugh. 

If you are an adult woman that likes to make competition out of dumb stuff then you need to wake up sunshine, and grow the fuck up ūüôā

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Death The One Thing Money Cannot Control

I am shaken up over the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith, although I am not a “gleek”, I did get the honor of sharing a couple of moments in his presence. I also know a few people that met him, and said he was a wonderful human being, my heart goes out to his family, because death is something nobody ever really gets over, nothing in this world can replace the people you love. Nothing.¬†

We begin life pure, wholesome and untainted. Than as our lives begin to progress some of us have horrible experiences, ones that can perpetuate endless cycles of poor behavior.¬†Unfortunately, for Monteith his on and off again substance abuse problem cost him his life, and this breaks my heart. I hate seeing genuine people fall victim to their own emotions. I know many of his fans are teenagers, and are at one of the most fragile stages of their lives, please remember that there is a rainbow after the storm. Don’t turn to drugs to subside your pain.

I am not trying to go all Nancy Reagan on everybody, but I am very much anti-drugs. There are so many different ways to cope with sadness, writing is one of the best therapies, because you can create anything you want when you are making a story, a song, a poem, whatever. Finding a healthy hobby like working out can make you feel and look better plus its inexpensive! Hiking=free! Walking=free! Running=Free! Most gyms=cheap (you get the picture right?!) You can also get your negative energy out by talking with friends, painting, drawing, anything artistic, you don’t need drugs! They only make your problems worse. When you face problems, such as drug abuse so do the people that love you the most. They also become victimized by your addiction. Regardless of who you are there is someone out there that loves you, I promise.¬†

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing in the world, because NOTHING will ever bring them back, the people you love most are completely irreplaceable. They could be there in front of your face laughing and the next moment lifeless in a coffin. The shittiest thing in the world is to see someones name written on a stone. If you are going through a tough time in your life remember there is always hope, and success is determined by how many times you stumbled, and had the strength to get right back up and try again! 

xoxoxo- JP

Let’s Bring More Sex Into America’s Education System

In America the majority of public schools require students to attend class until the age of 16, this is when they are given the¬†opportunity¬†to drop out of high school. Those that earn their high school diploma spent nearly thirteen years getting “educated”, learning how to read, write, basic math, and may have participated in¬†extracurricular activities such as sports. What our education system fails to do is educate our youth on vital subjects that need to be addressed. We do not teach our youth how to master a job interview, how to manage their money, how to think outside of the box, and challenge others. The biggest thing many public schools fail to provide its students is Sex Education. Let’s bring more sex into our public schools.

Parents wake up, and smell the coffee. Whether you like it or not your teenager is probably having sex, thinking about doing it, or beginning to experiment with sexual activities. I know you are dreading the moment where you are forced to discuss the topic that is still considered taboo among many Americans, but the truth is it is very important to your child’s well being. Sex is healthy, sex is normal, and its fun. Which is why your teenager is thinking about doing it or already has done it.¬†

I strongly believe that ALL public schools in the United States should require students to take, and pass a Sex Education course beginning in the eighth grade. I believe they should be required to take one every single year until they graduate high school. These courses should educate students on: different contraceptive methods, economics, and the cost of raising a child, sexually transmitted diseases, and how to raise a child with a learning disability. You make not feel like the last one has anything to do with Sex Education, however I feel like people do not think about these things. Raising a handicapped child, or one with a disability is tough, they need extra love, and care. If a couple is financially struggling, that child could suffer twice as much.

When I was in eight grade, the class was required to participate in a program called T.A.S.K., I honestly cannot even fathom what it stood for. I clearly remember a young girl lecturing us about how sex is a gift, and you should share it with someone you truly love, your husband/wife. All they did was shove the idea that sex should wait until marriage down our throats. There was a significant amount of students already having sex, they sat in the back of the classroom rolling their eyes. It was lame, than again the city I lived in was ran by Mormons. I do not have anything against the Mormon community, however I think many of them are in lala land, and do not comprehend the idea that most of us do not want to be married by the age of 18, have six children, and smile like we are in a tooth paste commercial all day long. 

Here is a quote from a CBS News Article

“STIs take a big health and economic toll on men and women in the United States, especially our youth,” CDC epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Lindsey Satterwhite, who led one of the studies, told NBC News”

In Massachusetts, there is a school district trying to get a stronger sex education program into its schools, both inside and outside of their education system. They have a high teen pregnancy, therefore they believe strengthening their sex education will help to decrease this issue.

In conclusion, teenagers are going to have sex whether their parents approve of it or not. Why not educate our youth on proper contraceptive methods, the difficulties of being a parent, and the cost! 

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