People That Need To Just STFU!!

This blog entry is totally inspired by my favorite youtuber in the world Ms. Jenna Marbles!

These are some people that seriously need to stfu.

1. The girl that finds Jesus. This girl may or may not have slept with her entire college football team, and done every illegal drug to ever exist, but now she found Jesus, and it gives her every right to judge others on their terrible actions, because she has been saved!

2. The pretend health nut that critiques everyone’s food choices. You probably have met one, they rarely hit the gym, and occasionally give up the bag of doritos for an orange. They are incredibly knowledgeable on every diet and exercise program out there, and love to give you advice on how to eat well. You need to STFU.

3. The busy body. This person needs to know everything about you, and everyone around them. They ask questions that are rude, and dont really get why you get snarky with them. If it has to do with a persons finances, personal relationships, or health and you are not close with them, dont ask. It is not your business, STFU!

4. The professor that lacks a degree. Yes, this person is ALWAYS ready to lecture you about basically anything you can possibly think of. It could be a snide remark you happen to have made, or a joke you cracked, or how you opened a Snickers bar the wrong way. They will seriously get on your case about anything, please STFU!

5. The sensitive asshole. Please do not dish it if you cant take it. It should be a rule of insulting people! I can be a total sass pot, but I am also a tough cookie, and I can take an insult too! When I throw an insult its to someone that deserves it. I am totally nice in person!