Blondes Are Dumb And Fat People Are Lazy

We are surrounded by them weekly, maybe some of us face them daily. They can cause people to view others in a specific way, and this can sever potential relationships, and cause violence. These ideas are frequently seen in movies, television, and our every day lives. You see a pretty blonde girl you may automatically believe she is lacking anything inside of her skull, I mean really the only attribute she has to offer to society is her beauty. You are sitting on a bench watching an overweight person sluggishly stroll by, you think to yourself…they are that way because they are lazy. 

We are quick to judge one another, because of stereotypes. We often see them in movies, and will continue to do so because they are easy to comprehend. The dumbest of the dumb  can understand while watching a movie that a pretty girl is a bimbo, lacking any significant knowledge,  or a poor looking African American male is a thug. Asians are incredibly smart, good at math, and many speak with a broken English accent. 

All of these things are clearly not true, however there are some ignorant people that believe they are. They are individuals that are quick to judge a book by its cover, and are too lazy enough to even attempt to go past the cover to the intro page. 

It is 2013, I think it is about time we begin to look past the exterior of people to figure out who they truly are. Everyone has their own story, their own pain and success. When we think with an ignorant mind we miss out on some wonderful friendships, and relationships. Image