“Sluts” “Whores” & Good Girls

Terms such as slut, whore, ho, tramp, skank (the list can go on) are often used to ostracize a female that society believes lacks morals due to her promiscuous behavior. She may dress in revealing clothing, have too many sex partners or might even oppose some sort of a threat to both males and females. A woman that does not conform to how society says she should act in terms of sexuality. For society says its perfectly fine for a guy to sleep with as many women as he wants, because it only enhances their masculinity. Some of these men are often coined “players”, because they can get a significant amount of women in bed with them. Essentially a males promiscuous behavior is often rewarded where as a female gets scrutinized. One time someone told me well, a key that can open any lock is called a master key however a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock. I am glad they compared the human genitals to pencils and sharpeners. Anyways, here is my point with this blog entry, I do not think it is fair that women get judged for the number of sex partners they have if it happens to be considered “too many” yet a man gets a pat on the back. Personally, I believe BOTH genders need to be cautious, practice safe sex and understand that 25% of the population has an STD.

Good girls are people women that appear “good” meaning they do not challenge societies norms in terms of sexuality, they dress conservatively and probably have not smoked a cigarette or gone over the speed limit. I am just kidding people, when I think of a “good” girl I simply think of someone like Marcia Brady, clean cut, well mannered, intelligent, respectful and humble. Someone you want as your neighbor or your co-worker because they are sweet like apple pie. There is nothing wrong with being either type of woman, as long as your happy, sincere and healthy. 

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America Should Legalize Prostitution

I think prostitution should be legal. Why? Because if a man or a woman wants to pay for sex, I believe the government has no right to intervene. Some believe prostitution is morally wrong, therefore it should never be legalized in the states. Anything sex related will always be taboo in America. A politician cheats on his wife, we all seem appalled. I knew someone from England and he told me in Europe they pat the politician on the back and ask “how old was she?” I am not suggesting infidelity is not a big deal, however I am not shocked when I hear about because I believe a lot of men cheat especially politicians and wealthier men. Let is a different topic I shall get into another day.

If a man or a woman wants to engage in sexual activity for compensation, I do not see any issue. It is THEIR body, and if they were tested for sexually transmitted diseases on a regular basis, treated with respect, and paid taxes like any other employed person in America. I do not see what the big deal is. Sometimes people with important positions do not have time to date or find a potential sex partner, because they are too busy traveling, and working. 

I know there is the infamous Bunny Ranch located in Nevada, it is notorious for its beautiful women willing to sell sex. One of them went on the Tyra Banks show explaining she makes a large amount of money for working short hours. She uses the money to help her mother with her medical bills, and I believe had a college degree. She was well spoken, and I could see she was business savvy. She did not look like what society has conditioned us to believe a prostitute looks like. Marie Claire wrote an article about Brooke nearly five years ago. They discussed how she came from humble beginnings, and was a well grounded high school student. She did not start having sex until she was 19 years old. 

I believe prostitution should be legalized, and monitored because than anyone can have sex whenever they desire. I do not think people should be allowed to do it privately in their own home, that should remain illegal. It is risky for both participants. There should be brothels, both participants should be tested for STDs prior to the sex, and of course taxes should be paid. You think most people in America would agree with me? Why or Why not? 

Let’s Bring More Sex Into America’s Education System

In America the majority of public schools require students to attend class until the age of 16, this is when they are given the opportunity to drop out of high school. Those that earn their high school diploma spent nearly thirteen years getting “educated”, learning how to read, write, basic math, and may have participated in extracurricular activities such as sports. What our education system fails to do is educate our youth on vital subjects that need to be addressed. We do not teach our youth how to master a job interview, how to manage their money, how to think outside of the box, and challenge others. The biggest thing many public schools fail to provide its students is Sex Education. Let’s bring more sex into our public schools.

Parents wake up, and smell the coffee. Whether you like it or not your teenager is probably having sex, thinking about doing it, or beginning to experiment with sexual activities. I know you are dreading the moment where you are forced to discuss the topic that is still considered taboo among many Americans, but the truth is it is very important to your child’s well being. Sex is healthy, sex is normal, and its fun. Which is why your teenager is thinking about doing it or already has done it. 

I strongly believe that ALL public schools in the United States should require students to take, and pass a Sex Education course beginning in the eighth grade. I believe they should be required to take one every single year until they graduate high school. These courses should educate students on: different contraceptive methods, economics, and the cost of raising a child, sexually transmitted diseases, and how to raise a child with a learning disability. You make not feel like the last one has anything to do with Sex Education, however I feel like people do not think about these things. Raising a handicapped child, or one with a disability is tough, they need extra love, and care. If a couple is financially struggling, that child could suffer twice as much.

When I was in eight grade, the class was required to participate in a program called T.A.S.K., I honestly cannot even fathom what it stood for. I clearly remember a young girl lecturing us about how sex is a gift, and you should share it with someone you truly love, your husband/wife. All they did was shove the idea that sex should wait until marriage down our throats. There was a significant amount of students already having sex, they sat in the back of the classroom rolling their eyes. It was lame, than again the city I lived in was ran by Mormons. I do not have anything against the Mormon community, however I think many of them are in lala land, and do not comprehend the idea that most of us do not want to be married by the age of 18, have six children, and smile like we are in a tooth paste commercial all day long. 

Here is a quote from a CBS News Article

“STIs take a big health and economic toll on men and women in the United States, especially our youth,” CDC epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Lindsey Satterwhite, who led one of the studies, told NBC News”

In Massachusetts, there is a school district trying to get a stronger sex education program into its schools, both inside and outside of their education system. They have a high teen pregnancy, therefore they believe strengthening their sex education will help to decrease this issue.

In conclusion, teenagers are going to have sex whether their parents approve of it or not. Why not educate our youth on proper contraceptive methods, the difficulties of being a parent, and the cost! 

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