My friend offered me some valuable advice, she told me when miserable people try and tear you down ignore them, don’t fight with them, because the second you give in they win.

Some people are unhappy with their lives, and in order to make themselves feel better they try and attack others. I am getting at a point in my life where I choose to not give a fuck about these people, and their bitter attacks leave them #blocked. If you message me on any social media site attacking the way I live, or picking apart my personality when your advice was not asked, I am going to block you. I find it annoying when broken people try to take shots at me, because I am so put together. I live my life the way I want to, and I am happy. I live where I want to, because it makes me happy…got it? I wasn’t put on this earth to be “normal”, and that is okay. I don’t bash other peoples lifestyle, goals, or desires, because I have no business doing so.

You know who likes to take digs at me the most? Broken men I rejected. I am not obligated to sleep with every guy that wants to sleep with me. I am not obligated to date every guy that wants to date me. I am not obligated to be emotionally interested in every guy that is emotionally interested in me. I have been rejected too, and I don’t whine like a little baby, or attack the guy that didn’t like me. I get over it and move on, because everyone has been in that situation before.


Alexa VS MOZ

For those of you that do not know, I work in internet marketing! I am currently only marketing one company, and that includes assisting with their social media. I love social media, and marketing, I hope to own an online public relations company, because it is something I am passionate about, and I am pretty good at forming relationships with people, I dunno, people seem to like me. Anyways, I am loving Alexa, because it is so easy to use, and I can find information in a matter of seconds. When you combine Alexa, and Google analytics together you can really see how well your website is doing, and what sort of content you should be using in order to gain traffic to both your social media sites, and actual website. Content INCLUDES photos! Photos that are properly tagged can help you rank, plus people like photos, too much text is OLD SCHOOL!

MOZ is cool and all, but I like Alexa more, because it is simple, and allows me to see what I want to quickly.

***Also, I am going to be hosting for Trends TV! If you are a local Socal business, and would like to get featured, email me!!! Jaclynashley79@gmail.com


Happy Saturday Everyone!

I said in an earlier post, that I am going to be starting my own online public relations business, which will also consist of monitoring social media sites (portfolio available upon request*). I do have relationships with a variety of different bloggers, along with a few you tubers, therefore I can get businesses mentioned if the demographic is on point! If any of my blogger friends are interested in getting on my roster for clients..email me! Anyways, what do you think of my logo?Passaro_Relations_Logo01

Snarky Social Media

Hell All,

I am in the process of starting an online business. I had a logo created with my name, but do not know if I LOVE LOVE it yet! I need to create my website, and hopefully it will be up by mid-April. As many of you may, or may not know, I am very passionate about social media, and online public relations. I believe it is so important for companies to have a great online reputation as well as an awesome image, and that is why I decided to start my own thing! My services will be social media packages, along with packages that consist of getting you mentioned on various blogs, and in YouTube videos. My rates are going to be incredibly affordable, and everyone getting social media will be offered a weekly report, and Skype call if needed. I do have an online portfolio, so people can see I am not bullshitting whether I know what I am doing or not! I am also going to be pitching to be Youtubers, and bloggers to get them on my roster :). If you have a blog that gets alot of traffic, please email me Jaclynashley79@gmail.com and we can negotiate a price range for clients to get mentioned on your site. I would need to see photos of site stats for three months (most recently).

Anyways, with that being said……… I decided to write a blog entry on good and bad social media.

1. If you go to an agency, or social media specialist, and their social media sucks why the fuck would you pay them to do yours? How do you know if it sucks? Well for starters, if a company has thousands of Facebook likes but no engagement (likes, comments, shares) on most of their posts, more than likely those likes are fake. They’re bots, and you know what bots do? NOTHING! It is much better to have 100 likes on an account and see people engaging in the posts than thousands with nothing. They’re not constantly posting. If you want to remain relevant on social media you need to frequently post. All of their posts consist of self promotion….ummm game over thanks for playing nobody likes this shit…you need to post a variety of posts other than “buy my products”.

2. They understand the purpose of each social media site. Twitter is excellent for building relationships, and showing off your wits. Facebook is great for ads, and building a fan base. Instagram is awesome for visual clients…restaurants, bridal clients, art related clients, ANYTHING FITNESS! Google Plus sucks ass and its kinda totally boring and people don’t really dig it but its awesome for SEO. It’s Google’s baby…well not really but you get what I am saying..


4. If a company has 4,000 Twitter followers, and they’re following 4,000 people they suck ass. You need a good ratio, because it shows people are interested in you and genuinely give a shit about what you’re posting. 100 followers and you’re following 20 is better than 4,000 followers and 4,000 following.

5. Not every social media site is usable for every type of business. That’s the cold hearted truth, but some are awesome for generally everyone (fb, twitter) you just have to know what to post, who to follow, who to rt/engage with.

Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks..Done the Snarky Way

Since I ❤ digital marketing…I am going to give you a few tips :)…

1.) Do not fucking spam sites. I mean it. Do not randomly post your damn website on reddit, instagram and Youtube. This will increase your bounce rate and will screw with your ranking on google!

2.) UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA! AGAIN UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY YOUR FOLLOWERS it is a waste of damn time! Those bots will not do shit for you! Instead, engage with people you can benefit from, respond to their tweets, share their FB posts, make comments etc. The followers will come. Twitter is my main bitch, because I accumulated thousands of hits on articles I wrote, because I was able to get people with tons of followers to rt me :).

3.) It is all about NEW MEDIA! You need to build relationships with you tubers, podcasters…etc! Create your own damn podcast; it is super easy, and shows you are an expert within your industry.

4.) Your site should be FULL of photos, and should not contain a shit ton of pages, and content. Your site can kick ass on Google by focusing more on images, because believe it or not people do not read like they used to. Tag your images correctly, and tag your videos, and have some kick ass online PR and you shall be good to go :).

Hope these tips helped 🙂 follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/jaclynashley79

You Wanna Pin Shit & Plan a Party, You Have ZERO Interest in a Marriage!

I think marriage is a huge stepping stone in everyone’s life, because you are potentially committing to one person until the grim reaper decides to take one of you. You are vowing to love one another through thick, and thin, and when times get financially tough. The world is not all sunshine, and rainbows, and neither is any relationship. Marriage is a commitment. Marriage is tough. Marriage is chaotic. Marriage is saying I am going to support this person, and accept their negative qualities FOREVER! Marriage is not a fucking wedding! I think so many people these days want to get married to have a damn wedding, and pin shit on Pinterest. Then the honeymoon ends, and they’re like “what do we do now?” I am bored, or they realize they settled for their spouse because of the pressure from social media and the desire to have an expensive party. I will never settle with marriage, sorry not sorry, but I think settling is the easy way out, and I’m a difficult pain in the ass. I would be so miserable ending up with someone I am not crazy about, because of a stupid desire to plan a party. When it comes to tying the knot, I am going to tie it with the right fucking dude who meets all of my standards. I will walk down the aisle with my best-friend, and not some guy in a tux that was willing to buy me a ring, because I know better than that!

#MCM Let’s Focus on Male Entrepreneurs

Good Afternoon Folks,

Am I the only one that could give rat’s ass about the super bowl? Anyways, we are not going to be focusing on football, or any other sport today, because this week’s MCM’s are men that had visions, ideas, and went out and built their own damn dreams!

#1. David Karp- He is a bit intimdating, because he founded Tumblr, and he’s only a few years older than myself. I feel as if I haven’t achieved anything!


(Photo via Google Image)

#2 Mark Cuban, because he is ridiculously sexy, and blunt. He is also one of the sharks on one of my favorite television shows, Shark Tank.


(Photo via Twitter)

#3 Michael J.D. Warner- CEO of ThunderReach, a digital marketing and PR agency. He is on top of his game!


(Photo via Twitter)

For any suggestions, or submissions for next week’s MCM- tweet me @Jaclynashley79 or feel free to email me at Jaclynashley79@gmail.com