26 More Signs She’s a Slut—WTF?

I am basing this blog post off http://www.returnofkings.com/23539/26-more-signs-shes-a-slut

Okay, so this guy clearly is an expert on sluts, perhaps, they’re the only types of women he can get his dick inside.

What’s a slut? According to the dictionary, it’s a promiscuous woman.

Let’s talk about his list shall we.

According to this genius, if a girl grew up with multiple brother especially if they’re older, its a sign that she’s a slut.

If she’s a really good athlete, she’s totally a slut. This genius has inspired me to make a list about how to know whether or not a guy has been seriously burned by women.

#1 He often refers to women as “sluts”, hos, or some other derogatory word.

#2 He claims he’s not into relationships. Guys that have been burned will just sleep with women, because it stops them from having any emotional attachment, and this will allow them to never get hurt again.

#3 He’s a wannabe alpha male. Think Pete from Mad Men, no matter how hard he tries, he will never be Don.

#4 He loves easy women, because they’re easy to keep around, and do not require much work.

#5 He always puts down women

#6 He always puts down couples, because he secretly wishes he was in a relationship.

#7 He was super unattractive  at some point in his life.Being ugly in high school sucks, This is when people tend to start dating, and becoming sexually active. If a guy was unattractive during these years, it could have stopped him from asking girls out (now that we are adults we realize everyone in hs was awkward and probably saw themselves as ugly)




I watched a documentary called Sluts, I found it on YouTube, and was instantly intrigued by what the females in it were saying. The documentary was about how some women are ostracized by their peers, allowing them to feel alienated, and somewhat hated. Many of these girls were victims of horrible rumors, and suffered emotional pain due to others harsh criticism. 

One girl explained how unfair it is to call a woman a “slut”. Boys do not suffer the same scrutiny as girls in regards to their sexuality. A girl sleeps with many boys she is a “slut”, a boy does it and he is a “player”. What the fuck is that shit about? Personally, I do not care about how many guys a girl sleeps with, what I do care about is that she is being safe, using contraception, and not using sex as a weapon or a way to make her feel powerful. Than sex becomes unhealthy. 

We need to teach our youth how to judge people based on the content of their character. Just becomes a female has a lot of sexual partners does not make her a “slut”, would you belittle a male for doing this? Probably not because society says its okay. He is just being a man! 

One girl felt so bad that people were calling her a slut, because ironically she remained a virgin throughout her high school years. Another girl explained how she lived in a group home, and there was called a prude however she was called a slut in school. She could never win!

It saddens me to watch women put each other down, we need to stick together, and support one another, help each other rise! Putting another female down because of who she chooses to sleep with is not okay, and frankly it is not your business unless she is a close friend or relative and causing harm to her body, and surroundings. 

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