Defending Brandy Melville

If you do not know what or who the fuck Brandy Melville is allow me to explain: it is a hipster type of shop that caters to skinny chicks. It has this one size fits all model, and that is pretty much a 0-2. They have some flowey tops girls larger than that size could fit into, but it is a store designed to attract thinner women. I think some people believe this is discrimination, and makes teenage girls who are not that slim feel badly about themselves, and I think people like usual need to get the fuck over it. 

First of all, their clothing is nothing spectacular, you can easily find the same damn shirt in a Forever 21, or H & M. I am not offended or scorned because I cannot fit my big ass inside some Brandy Melville jeans. It is a brand and it has built its fan base off catering to skinny people; the same way Gucci has built its brand catering to wealthier people. There are plenty of other stores that girls can shop at that are not a size 0, or 2. 

I read an article in which the writer bashed their models, and that writer needs a new set of eyes, because ALL models in ads with the exception of lingerie (and those that are selling sex), are super thin, tall and gaunt. They rarely have large chests, because their job is to sell clothing NOT sex. You can read the article here:

In the end, if you are not a size 0, or 2 which is like the majority of American women then do not shop at Brandy Melville. 


Barbie Gets Turned Into A “Real” Woman

Dear World,

In case you do not know by now, Barbie is NOT a human being, she is a fucking doll. You get that a doll. She has synthetic hair, a plastic body and of course unrealistic body proportions. How many times have articles been posted about Barbie’s unrealistic body proportions? A ton. I am tired of hearing about Barbie, and people constantly complaining about how “skinny” is being shoved down our throats. Truth is skinny women are beautiful, chubby women are beautiful, curvy women are beautiful and there are plenty of celebrities and television personalities that represent these body types. Demi Lovato is not “skinny”, Miranda Lambert is far from thin, Ricki Lake is a normal sized woman, Jennifer Lawrence is thin but she is not an unhealthy weight. The Kardashians are all healthy. See? I can go and on. 

While the blonde bombshell still remains a pop culture icon, I believe she does not exude the power she once did. Personally, I knew Barbie was a doll and I was never going to grow up to look like a Barbie doll. I am a brunette with dark eyes and fair skin, the complete opposite of a Barbie doll. Do I think Barbie’s body is unrealistic? Yes. I do not care though, she is a doll! Real women do not look like her and I do not understand why any of them would feel anger towards a children’s toy. 

In my opinion, I do not feel Barbie’s figure needed to be altered. I do believe they should make their ethnic Barbies have ethnic features. African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians do not have the same kind of facial features. We are all different, and that is what makes the world unique. Most ethnic Barbies are Barbie with darker skin. 

Bye World,


Quit Blaming Your Big Waistline On The Media

America has a huge problem with obesity. Now the issue is affecting our youth; according to the American Heart Association nearly 23.9 children ages 2-19 are either overweight or obese. 

I recently watched a documentary on obesity, it is on Netflix. Biochemists explained that humans cannot help the fact that we are frequently hungry. We are biologically programmed to like to eat, because we needed to consume large amount of calories in order to survive. In previous generations, having the ability to consume a large amount of calories was rare, so humans had to take advantage of it, those that could not easily store fat could not survive. In modern times, humans can consume thousands of calories in just one sitting, for a cheap price, allowing their waist lines to suffer. 

Than there is this small powerful medium called television. Television often sets the standards for what is beautiful, and what is not. We are frequently exposed to “thin” or “skinny” celebrities, whom are glorified because of their “stunning” looks. Magazine covers often show thinner women on their covers, which can perpetuate eating disorders. Here is the thing, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer thin, other prefer curvy, some even prefer someone alittle soft, and chubby. I think the main issue here has nothing to do with ridiculous beauty standards, I believe it has to do with health. When I see someone that is obese, I do not find them attractive. Why? To me it is just unhealthy. I do not believe a certain dress size determines how pretty or ugly a woman is, however I do believe that health does. I think people should be more concerned with their body fat percentage than what Glamour shoves down their throats. 

People must also understand every image the media shows you, is photo shopped. Models do not even look like models, that advertisement selling you clothing has taken that model, and generated a fabricated, more “attractive” version of what that person looks like. They slim waists, whiten teeth, add larger breasts, brighten their eyes, etc. I think it is sad, that people especially younger ones feel the need to compare themselves to an image that almost appears cartoon like, because it doesnt even look like the real model. 

People often blame television, magazines for their poor body image, and I lack empathy for them. Who gives a shit? Take care of your body, and your gut will not pour over your jeans. You take care of your body, and it will take care of you.


I’m out-