Don’t Comment on How People Eat

I hate it when people make comments about what or how I eat. It is none of anyone else’s business, and I find it rude and offensive!!! I never ever make crude comments about the way someone is eating, because guess what it is NONE of my fucking business! I am healthy! I am not suffering from any sort of eating disorder and I am not gorging on Burger King 24/7. 

You should never make offensive comments about what or how much someone is eating, because its none of your business, and you are going to piss that person off. Do not whine when they chew your head off and devour it for dessert!


Nosy Vs Curiosity

Now I will have to admit this about myself, sometimes I may come across as “nosy”, a “busy body” or appear to be up to no good, and in all honesty I am not trying to do anybody any harm. I am an incredibly curious person, and enjoy analyzing people’s personalities, mannerisms and gestures, because I find them intriguing. There are other people who are not curious, they are simple nosy. I HATE being asked questions that I believe are an invasion of my privacy. I am outgoing, however I am also private. I will give you an example of questions I think are just plain nosy and rude: how much money do you make? why did your parents get divorced? why dont you have a boyfriend? why arent you married? what size are you?

Now that I am an adult, I understand that some of us lack common sense, and because of it appear rude. Intelligence is the key to success, but common sense is the lock to the door. The only people that like being in the company of rude people are other rude people. I say we let them all hang out together, they can have a gigantic feast and drive each other crazy instead of us!


What are some questions you consider to be rude?