Three Kinds Of Rich People

There are three different kinds of rich people:

1. Ones that gained their wealth due to education; they are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s of companies etc. For the most part these are the worst types of rich people because they believe the world owes them something for trying so hard to get through an immense amount of tough schooling. They can be snobby, self-centered all around pricks. Are they all like this? Of course not! That would be over generalizing and that is not fair. I am just saying in my personal experience these are the snobbiest.

2. Self made millionaires. These are my absolute favorite, because these are the ones that busted their asses doing nitty gritty work in order to make it to the top of the ladder. These people never saw anything beneath them, and utilized their creative abilities to gain more cash. They are innovators, dreamers and usually think outside of the box.

3. They came from a wealthy family. These types of rich people are often envied because they did not have to anything but pop out of a vagina to gain their wealth. They got lucky. They got extremely lucky. Sometimes they are spoiled and appear oblivious to the rest of society, because they cannot relate to people that are not as lucky.Image