Self Wars, Insecurity & Good Men

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Thank-you for posting that Whitney Cummings!

Everyone has insecurities, EVERYONE, but that does not mean they are INSECURE. There is a fine line between disliking certain aspects of your personality, or wishing you could alter something about your physical appearance, we all know by now that we are flawed, it is part of life, and that’s that. Some of us are INSECURE individuals, and insecure people want to break others, because they dislike themselves. It is not rocket science, everything I am writing you have heard before, but I want to reiterate it because sometimes we get side tracked by all of the bullshit, and forget.

“Oh darling, you cant fix yourself by breaking someone else”

Mhm, it is very true. Nobody likes a bully. Bullies are tormented souls that hate themselves so badly, they go out of their way to break someone else so they too can feel pain.

I used to be attracted to emotionally abusive men, and unfortunately they tried to break me, because they were broken. I know all the warning signs, I know all the red flags, and I am so over dealing with these types of males. Treating a girl like garbage makes a guy a coward, and will only set him up for failure, because when the girl wises up she will leave, and he will be left all by his lonesome. #byeasshole

Anyways, here are some warning signs a guy is emotionally abusive.

#1. He has a bad relationship with his mother. A guy that has mommy issues more than likely has issues with respecting women.

#2. He blows up at you early on, and doesn’t understand why you’re pissed at him.

#3. After you break up, or stop dating, they come back for another round.

#4. They have crazy sisters with major issues.

#5. They have a push over for a mother.

#6. They’re spoiled rotten