Why I HATE Modern TV

I really cannot fathom how people can sit there and watch modern television. Television has become unrealistic, over materialistic, and infested with talentless idiots. Television used to be good. It was more than entertainment. Roseanne is one of my favorite television shows because it was groundbreaking. For the first time, America was exposed to a sitcom which contained an unconventional leading lady along with a  working class family. In a nutshell…they were fucking relatable. They struggled financially, they made fun of their weight, their children were snarky little brats. They seemed real. I like reality. The truth is funny.

I also dig Married With Children because it pushed boundaries, and I LOVE LOVE anything that pushed the envelope. I believe great comedy is limitless.Al bundy was a satire of many American men. One of my favorite articles, I’m Still Living in Al Bundy’s America written by Walter  Mosley explained how no man that has been married for 20 years is so excited to go home and bang his wife. Married with Children just said it. It is insulting but I can see the truth beneath the insult. I also believe no woman that has been married for 20 years is excited to have sex with the man she’s been with 10,000,000 times. I think some men fail to see that.

Today, television is infested with a bunch of exaggeration. I hate reality tv, because the people on it are just a bunch of hot messes with no authentic talent. They’re not even that good looking. Most of them look like they work in strip clubs where they serve lobster for $4.99. They’ll do anything just to get attention and sound like they blew their principal to score a high school diploma.

Thoughts? P.S. I know my grammar sucks.







Why I DIG Paris Hilton

You are probably thinking what the fuck. Why did I even click on this blog entry has this girl gone made? No, I have not. I actually dig Paris Hilton, because  at one point she was the talk of the town, and although she got caught with cocaine, she never checked into rehab, or bitched about being famous. I think too many celebrities bitch about their fame. I understand that being famous is not easy, because people bother you, take photos and tear you apart just to sell magazines, but I also believe the celebrities that are always seen in the tabloids want to be there. There are plenty of A listers that are rarely seen in those skanky tabloids, because they dont hang out at spots where photographers will be!! I also think if you are playing the fame game you cannot throw a bitch fit every time the dice is rolled not in your favor. 

I think Paris Hilton owns her fame. She doesnt really give a fuck about what people think about her. She hasnt  had an unsuccessful marriage like many other celebs, and she seems to unapologetic about being who she is. I think she plays up the dumb blonde image for television, I think if I were to sit down and have a conversation with her I wouldnt be disappointed. Television loves stereotypes, and its kind of depressing. She was also an easy target at one point because lets face it she is famous for being famous, grew up privileged and doesnt really have to work.   She also has legs for days and that naturally slim body. She can probably eat like a horse, and not put on a pound its not fair. With that being said, yes I totally dig Paris Hilton!

Millennials Are a Bunch of Self Loathing Narcissists

Alright. I get it. My generation is sort of obsessed with themselves, because well we are the MTV generation, the social media effected, self loathing narcissistic, ungrateful brats that have no interest in working, yet we want to be rich and famous. We have let all of this nonsense that has been shoved down our throats go to our heads. AH! Naw bitches, naw. We need to forget about the lame shit that previous generations say about us, because the millennial generation is one that did not grow up thinking women should be pregnant baking pies in the kitchen, and the majority of us do not have negative opinions about gay marriage, plus we grew up working on computers, and that is not a bad thing. They took over the world. More and more millennials are finding success building their own businesses, for example, Facebook one of the largest social media sites was founded by Mark Zuckberg, and his peers who happen to be MILLENNIALS! Instagram was also founded by two millennials, so before you go and knock us remember we are not all lazy, selfie posting assholes. 

I live in a world where reality tv makes people super famous for no apparent reason other than they do not mind looking like fools on tv, and I really do not care. If some producer offered me a nice chunk of change, to act like an idiot on TV I would ask them for a pen so I could sign the contract. I am sure most people would do the same. This is my world, this is our world, the millennial world. What are your thoughts?

Let’s Point That Finger Again

That adorable, angelic, precious baby you once held in your arms, because it was crying has now transformed into a rebellious, music blasting teenager. A teenager that wants nothing to do with you. A person that is smoking pot, having sex, and prancing around in clothing you do not approve of.

What went wrong? Who the hell is that monster in your kitchen? You read every psychology book there was ever written on how to raise the “perfect” child, you surrounded your child with responsible, educated adults, and provided them with a stable home. That deviant monster could not be a result of how you raised it. You are the epitome of human perfection. You did everything right. Their outrageous behavior must be a result of something else-hmmmm I think I know what that something is. Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, these girls are complete whores, and your child is infatuated by them. They must be the reason why your child is acting out.

This may sound lame, but the reality is people often blame entertainment for their childs poor behavior. Come on get real. Kim Kardashian is not raising your child, YOU ARE! If parents did something called parent their children would not go inside of the cocoon and turn into a monster. Does the media have some effect on our society?? Of course it does. Children, especially girls are effected by what magazines and television project to them. That magic little box in your living room can decide what is pretty what is ugly, why you need the newest version of the car you are driving, why your not thin enough- the list can go on, however if parents stopped pointing the finger at that little box or at celebrities they could possibly face the fact that their childrens behavior is due to their lack of parenting! EVERY teenager will be exposed to drugs, and sex. How they handle the situation all depends upon how they were raised. Do their peers influence them? Yes, but they have a minimal amount of influence if they were raised by strong parents.

There are many single parents, and parents that have to work long hours in order to provide for their children. I empathize with you, and give you a significant amount of credit. It must be difficult trying to raise children, and maintaining a job. I give you all a big high five, because it is well deserved. This does not excuse you from being a bad parent, you still have to spend time with your child, and do this thing called discipline them when they misbehave. It is also up to you to explain what is right and what is wrong to your child, you instill their morals and values not entertainment.

Entertainment is a business, it is about making money. In the 1950’s America was exposed to darling, perfect upper middle class, white families like the Cleavers. Daddy went to work, while the mother cleaned all day, and still managed to look like she was going to compete in a Miss. America pageant. She was so happy, and delighted to spend her days dusting and cooking apple pies. This is what we loved to see. In 2013, we are addicted to trash television. Why? It is entertaining! It is NOT real life, it is fabricated, exaggerated and funny. I highly doubt Paris Hilton is a complete moron, same with Kim Kardashian. Society puts these women down, because of jealousy. Who wouldnt want to get $30,000 just to send out a damn tweet! Who wouldnt want to be filthy rich, for having zero talent? I do not think these women are great role models, but I also believe nobody in the entertainment industry is a healthy role model.

If parents spent time with their children, and actually parented how much cocaine Lindsay Lohan shoves up her nose would not matter. Kim Kardashian’s need for attention, and the tape of her getting pounded by Ray J would not matter. KIMMMMY