America Should Legalize Prostitution

I think prostitution should be legal. Why? Because if a man or a woman wants to pay for sex, I believe the government has no right to intervene. Some believe prostitution is morally wrong, therefore it should never be legalized in the states. Anything sex related will always be taboo in America. A politician cheats on his wife, we all seem appalled. I knew someone from England and he told me in Europe they pat the politician on the back and ask “how old was she?” I am not suggesting infidelity is not a big deal, however I am not shocked when I hear about because I believe a lot of men cheat especially politicians and wealthier men. Let is a different topic I shall get into another day.

If a man or a woman wants to engage in sexual activity for compensation, I do not see any issue. It is THEIR body, and if they were tested for sexually transmitted diseases on a regular basis, treated with respect, and paid taxes like any other employed person in America. I do not see what the big deal is. Sometimes people with important positions do not have time to date or find a potential sex partner, because they are too busy traveling, and working. 

I know there is the infamous Bunny Ranch located in Nevada, it is notorious for its beautiful women willing to sell sex. One of them went on the Tyra Banks show explaining she makes a large amount of money for working short hours. She uses the money to help her mother with her medical bills, and I believe had a college degree. She was well spoken, and I could see she was business savvy. She did not look like what society has conditioned us to believe a prostitute looks like. Marie Claire wrote an article about Brooke nearly five years ago. They discussed how she came from humble beginnings, and was a well grounded high school student. She did not start having sex until she was 19 years old. 

I believe prostitution should be legalized, and monitored because than anyone can have sex whenever they desire. I do not think people should be allowed to do it privately in their own home, that should remain illegal. It is risky for both participants. There should be brothels, both participants should be tested for STDs prior to the sex, and of course taxes should be paid. You think most people in America would agree with me? Why or Why not?