Mirror, Mirror on the wall..it’s okay to be a narcissist after all.

One time in middle school this girl told me I had a big nose. I said lucky for me, it will never match the size of my ego.

I’m a narcissist. A cold-blooded…narcissist. I don’t see this as a bad thing though. Sure, I am a bit self centered, think I’m special, and like power but why is this so bad? I may not empathize well with people, but I do so with animals. I’m super honest, and would never screw anyone over I liked, or have a neutral relationship with. I’m not out to be harmful.

What these shrink writers fail to explain is that the most successful people in the world are fucking narcissists!!!! You think Steve Jobs wasn’t a narcissist? You think Prince wasn’t a narcissist? The list can go on. A narcissist is egotiscial they believe they can change the world, and they usually do.

I don’t see anything wrong with knowing I can achieve great things with my life, and gain notoriety for doing so. I don’t see anything wrong with utilizing my talents to get me somewhere in life, or with enjoying being on a stage getting laughs for what I created.


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It’s JUST A Couch!

This is a $4,000 dollar sofa holstered in Italian silk this isn’t just a couch”

We have become a society that values stuff over people, and we cannot blame one another. We are constantly told by advertisers to buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume, you NEED the latest Ipod and the newest BMW. You NEED that pair of perfectly fitted designer jeans-they define who you are. You are not really defined by your character but by the car you drive and the label on your shirt, if you have the best it shows others you are better than them. It exudes a sense of entitlement and achievement, because not everyone can have those things. Anette Benning plays a crazy ass wife that lose sight of who she was and became a monster chasing after the next best thing. Kevin Spacey’s character also goes insane trying to relive his youth.

American Beauty is an excellent film, because it incorporated many three dimensional characters. Angela is the attractive cheerleader Kevin Spacey’s character begins fantasizing about- she is beautiful, exotic with a perfect body. She is also narcissistic, but just as insecure as Thora Birch’s character. She lies about sleeping with a bunch of men she never slept with and believes she is defined by her beauty not her character. Kevin Spacey hates what his life has become, because of materialism therefore he desires to be a teenager again. Back then he did not have any issues and life was a picnic. He quits his high paying job so he can work at a fast food restaurant, goes on a mission to win over Angela and when he is about to have sex with her pooooffff…the sex kitten he was chasing after transforms into an innocent girl when she reveals she is a virgin.

Thora Birch’s character is angry, insecure and resentful but beneath all that she has the desire to be loved and craves attention from her strange next door neighbor. The neighbor sees her as the beautiful one, not Angela and goes as far as calling Angela “ugly”, which of course pisses her of because everyone is always admiring her for her looks.

This film is still relate-able, the performances never get old and the story-line remains brilliant.