Defending Brandy Melville

If you do not know what or who the fuck Brandy Melville is allow me to explain: it is a hipster type of shop that caters to skinny chicks. It has this one size fits all model, and that is pretty much a 0-2. They have some flowey tops girls larger than that size could fit into, but it is a store designed to attract thinner women. I think some people believe this is discrimination, and makes teenage girls who are not that slim feel badly about themselves, and I think people like usual need to get the fuck over it. 

First of all, their clothing is nothing spectacular, you can easily find the same damn shirt in a Forever 21, or H & M. I am not offended or scorned because I cannot fit my big ass inside some Brandy Melville jeans. It is a brand and it has built its fan base off catering to skinny people; the same way Gucci has built its brand catering to wealthier people. There are plenty of other stores that girls can shop at that are not a size 0, or 2. 

I read an article in which the writer bashed their models, and that writer needs a new set of eyes, because ALL models in ads with the exception of lingerie (and those that are selling sex), are super thin, tall and gaunt. They rarely have large chests, because their job is to sell clothing NOT sex. You can read the article here:

In the end, if you are not a size 0, or 2 which is like the majority of American women then do not shop at Brandy Melville.