You Wanna Get The Girl?

I’m a target for idiotic men. They love to annoy me, and scream stupid shit at me, or just harass me, and its kind of irritating, but at the same time their stupidity makes excellent writing material.

The other day I was walking, and some random guy was like “hey can I have your number so we can hang out sometime?” and I was like no! lol. In my head I was thinking I don’t know you, I’ve never interacted with you why would I give you me my number? It came across as rather creepy, and I personally do not like to be approached by guys, I like to be the one calling the shots.

Whats my point?

Dating is a lot like selling, because you are selling yourself. If

Don’t be the pushy salesperson that everyone tries to avoid, but be the sales person selling what people need. If you like a girl, or have interest, or want that number, don’t appear pushy, desperate, or creepy. Strike up a regular conversation with her. For example, if you see a cute girl at a grocery store, ask her a random question about whats in her basket, or shopping cart, ask her if she likes a particular product, it sounds silly but it could lead into a conversation. Literally going up to a girl and asking her for her number is weird.

If you’re interested in a girl, and you just met her, but you have been communicating on a friendship level, please BE STRAIGHT UP, and tell her. If you wanna get the girl don’t act like a damn friend.


Romantic Comedies & All of Their Stupidity

You probably have seen a romantic comedy, in fact, you have probably seen ten, no maybe a thousand, and each one contains similar storylines, characters, and unrealistic shit about love. For example, many romantic comedies feature, a charming, sexy male lead that fucks every female in sight, because he is emotionally unstable, or a complete asshole, but by the end of the movie he has fallen madly in love with the female lead, and morphs into a really great guy. Hollywood lies to you.

This type of male character is known as the “alpha male”, and women LOVE them. We have all fallen for one, because alphas are confident, charming, and usually incredibly intelligent, and driven. They’re at the top of the food chain, and they know it. I truly believe alphas have an innate gene that drives them to cheat. Do I think all of them do so? No! I do think a significant amount of them do, because women flock to them like a bunch of tweens at a One Direction concert. These types of men  do not make good spouses, UNLESS you are cool with them being unfaithful, or perhaps, you want an open sexual relationship. There are plenty of women out there who do not want to be monogamous.

Hollywood also likes to portray the intelligent, realistic characters as the assholes, because let’s get real people love honesty, but they hate the truth. One of my favorite characters in a romantic comedy is Justin Long’s character in He’s Just Not That into You, because his character said it like it is and didn’t hold anything back. “If a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, he literally doesn’t give a shit”, and so many girls just do not get it! They make up so many excuses, but the truth is if a guy ignores you, he doesn’t give a fuck! If a guy truly has interest in you will definitely know by his actions. Long’s character is seen as somewhat emotionless, and of course he ends up with the dippy Gigi, who he has been helping throughout the entire film. That’s Hollywood.

Why Do Women Fall In Love With LOSERS?

I repeatedly ask myself this question, because I see it to often. Intelligent, attractive women with their shit together getting themselves into relationships with men that will probably never amount to anything. I do not understand why these women try so hard to remain in an unhealthy situation. I am independent by nature, I do not need a boyfriend to make me feel confident, complete, beautiful, happy or for any other reason. I am quite the catch, therefore my standards for dating are incredibly high and I am rather snobbish at times- I do not give a shit. The pick of the litter does not settle for a runt. So why do these other women settle? They have so much going for them; why don’t they aim higher.

One reason why some women settle is because of the obvious reason any shrink will tell you- they lack high self esteem. They think the dipshit they are dating is the only man they can ever get and fear being alone. I have women that stay in relationships with a guy that belittles them about their weight, calling them “fat”, tearing them apart like they would an enemy; is that how you treat someone you love? If I was dating a guy and he called me fat, I would kick his ass to the curb so fast his head would spin. You should be in a relationship with someone that lifts you up, not brings you down. 

The second reason is they are too kind. You should be a genuine, loving person however this type of attitude can attract manipulative men, that feed off your kindness like a parasite. You are not a mother and you are not there to put him together; he is not a puzzle. If you are with a guy that continuously  makes bad decisions, chances are he will for the rest of life. He is immature and clearly cannot grasp the concept of “I fucked up this time”, I learned and I will use my mistake to make myself grow. 

They are intimidated by their equal or someone they believe is superior to them. I am not going to sugarcoat the truth. I do not care what Hollywood says, wake up and smell the coffee- THERE IS A LEAGUE ZONE! People like dating/ falling in love with someone who is like themselves. If a woman is an attorney, attractive and has her own home, why the hell would she date a guy that makes 24k working as a Subway manager? The reality is she probably would not even consider dating him, unless he was in med school or working towards something better. I am not trying to put anyone down, I am just explaining that we like to be with someone who has similar traits as ourselves. I truly believe that some women date losers, because they fear getting challenged by their equal. Someone that is not as successful, intelligent or attractive will make them feel safe. 

They are serial daters. Like a serial killer that targets specific victims, serial daters want to be in a relationship with the same type of men over and over and over and over!! I was a serial dater, but for an odd reason; I knew if I continuously dated the same kind of guy it would never work out. I like being in control and I can never fall in love with any of the guys I dated. Women that date losers get used to being with the same kind of guy, and do not know how to venture out to find something new. 

What do you think?