Dear Women, It’s You.!?!

Dear Women,

Stop blaming men for your body image issues.

Of course some men are shallow and gave into this notion that if a woman does not meet certain physical requirements, she is deemed undateable, but at the end of the day I truly believe this is a small percentage of the male population.

MOST men like ALL types of women. The reason being is because there are ALL types of men! We date people we have stuff in common with. We date people we find relatable. We date people we find sexually attractive, and if a guy only fucks girls that measure up to the women he sees on the cover of magazines, he will soon find out that the only sexual contact he will be getting will be from his hands.

So, hey women.

Stop blaming men for your own self deprecation, did you know the Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine is Anna Wintour? AKA a woman. Did you know for about a decade the CEO of Victoria’s Secret was Sharen Jester Turney..AKA a woman? The list can go on but you kinda, sorta, maybe, perhaps, get my point?

I think women are harsher on other women.

I still hear women make comments like “Well her nose is big, she is fat, I’m prettier, she’s not cute, she’s dumb, she’s okay looking, she’s a bitch, he only likes her because her tits are big, she’s a slut, her hair is ugly, her eyes are too big, her nostrils suck, her calves are too muscular……….”

Blah, Blah, Blah

I believe these types of females are easily intimidated and make such remarks to make their “apparent enemy” feel less about themselves, because an insecure women is a whole lot less threatening than a confident one.

I have a lot of male friends, and I honestly don’t hear them bashing women nearly as badly as other women. Of course they may say stuff like “She’s a slut, or she’s fat”, which isn’t nice but thats as far as it goes! They don’t go into detail about what exactly is wrong with their body, or face, etc they just basically say she’s unattractive!

Hey, women.

Be nicer to each other. You need each other.



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MCM’S Talented Actors!!

This week’s MCMS are dedicated to a bunch of very talented actors!

1. Colin Hanks- He has appeared on television shows such as Bad Teacher, NCIS, and Fargo. His next project to be released is Elvis & Nixon.

Colin Hanks

#2. Daniel Franzese- Sure, you may know him as Damien from Mean Girls, but he is so much more than that! He is insanely funny, and talented. He had a YouTube video Shit Italian Moms Say go viral, and he is currently on HBO’s show Looking.

Daniel Franzese

#3 Dylan McDermott is probably the sexiest man on television. He has one hefty resume; he has been on television shows like American Horror Story, The Practice and Hostages.

dylan mcdermott

#4 Nicholas Braun- He is super tall, cute and lovable! His next project is a remake of Poltergeist 

Nicholas Braun

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Mean Girls VS. Mean Women

Every female has gone to toe with a mean girl. I spent most of my junior high days resenting the mean girls, because I thought they had everything, but all they really had was a white binder filled with photographs, and a bunch of phony friends that thought they were so punk, because they bleached their hair and listened to Taking Back Sunday. I used to think that once junior high ended the mean girls would magically disappear, but that is not the case, because too many mean girls grow up to be mean women. 

Mean women are insecure. Mean women put down others in order to build themselves up. Mean women act immature, and stalk people all over social media, and make snide remarks about what these people are doing. Mean women need lives. If you feel the need to stalk someone on social media throughout your day, perhaps you need a new job, or  a hobby, or a second job, because you clearly have way too much time on your hands. 

Mean women pick apart other women, because they secretly pick apart themselves. It is incredibly immature to say nasty things about your ex boyfriends new girlfriend unless you personally know the girl. Move on with your life, because tearing another woman apart because your ex boyfriend is with her makes you look like a 13 year old girl. 


Man Crush Monday is BACK!

You probably do not know this BUT two of my favorite flicks are Heathers and Mean Girls. Mean Girls was inspired by the dark comedy, Heathers, and I can seriously sit there and watch them both over and over again, because they do not get old. I love Heathers, because they say things like “you’re such a pillow case”, and “bulimia was so 87”. It also brings up a deep point at the end of the film when the school was about to get blown up, the world is quite similar to high school, people genuinely get along with people who are like themselves. We really do not get along with those that we cannot relate to.

Mean Girls was hilarious, and showcased how females are so fucking mean to each other, and how we just love to screw with each other’s heads, and target those we see as weaker. What is awesome about both of these teen flicks is they were directed by men, and to me that is pure irony. They are the man crush Monday’s this week.

Michael Lehmann- Director of Heathers!


Mark Water- Director of Mean Girls


Big Red

I wish for one day EVERY f***ing male could experience the big red, their aunt coming to town, or to properly put it a PERIOD!!!

They will just never understand what it is like to PMS, or spend large amounts of money on tampons! So, in honor of #tbt I have comprised a list of reasons as to why periods sucked in middle and high school.

  1. Participating in gym class. For some damn reason, I always got lucky and had my period around the time we had to do the semester mile, running and gushing blood such a fabulous combination!
  2. Having idiot boys make remarks about how bitchy you are acting. Listen dummy, if you had to sit here and learn some pre-cal formula you will never ever use again while having a double shot of cramps, you would not be all sunshine and giggles too!
  3. Your first period ever. Now, I was a fairly late bloomer, I was visited by the bitch for the first time at the very end of 7th grade. I remember girls complaining about cramps in the locker room, and secretly smiling to myself, because I did not have to worry about it yet. Well long behold she arrived, and I didnt see it coming! Lucky for me she made her entrance while was at home. It could have been much worse.
  4. You get to wear sweatpants on Monday, because nothing else fits. 

What You Learn to NOT Put Up With in Your 20’s!!!

mean girls


1. Fake Friends- You probably had some in middle school and maybe a few throughout high school, because you cared about where you stood socially, but once you get into adulthood you stop caring about how many phone numbers are in your phone. You learn how important it is to have real friends who care about you and ditch the ones who are only there when they want something.

2. You Learn to Tolerate Your Enemies- Part of life is getting along with people you dislike. You will work with people you strongly dislike, deal with friends spouses you dont like, date people who have friends you dislike, but you will learn how to communicate in a diligent manner. 

3. You Learn How Quickly Looks Fade- When you are younger it is easy to think that looks are everything, and pretty people have it made, and that isnt the case. I went to high school with some girls that looked like FHM models and at 26 their beauty is long behind them. It is more important to have a personality, because that is what will get you far in life.

4. You Will Learn NOT to Put Up With Bullshit from the People you Date- You will see the radar signs quickly and can dodge the bullets before they are even shot at you!!!!