#MCM Thought Catalog Writers!

Happy Monday ALL!

This week’s MCMS focuses on Thought Catalog and three amazing writers! You should check out their latest posts ūüôā

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MCM’S Talented Actors!!

This week’s MCMS are dedicated to a bunch of very talented actors!

1. Colin Hanks- He has appeared on television shows such as Bad Teacher, NCIS, and Fargo. His next project to be released is Elvis & Nixon.

Colin Hanks

#2. Daniel Franzese- Sure, you may know him as Damien from¬†Mean Girls, but he is so much more than that! He is insanely funny, and talented. He had a YouTube video Shit Italian Moms Say go viral, and he is currently on HBO’s show Looking.

Daniel Franzese

#3 Dylan McDermott is probably the sexiest man on television. He has one hefty resume; he has been on television shows like American Horror Story, The Practice and Hostages.

dylan mcdermott

#4 Nicholas Braun- He is super tall, cute and lovable! His next project is a remake of Poltergeist 

Nicholas Braun

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#MCM Let’s Focus on Male Entrepreneurs

Good Afternoon Folks,

Am I the only one that¬†could¬†give rat’s ass about the super bowl? Anyways, we are not going to be focusing on football, or any other sport today, because this week’s MCM’s are men that had visions, ideas, and went out and built¬†their own damn dreams!

#1. David Karp- He is a bit intimdating, because he founded Tumblr, and he’s only a few years older than myself. I feel as if I¬†haven’t achieved anything!


(Photo via Google Image)

#2 Mark Cuban, because he is ridiculously sexy, and blunt. He is also one of the sharks on one of my favorite television shows, Shark Tank.


(Photo via Twitter)

#3 Michael J.D. Warner- CEO of ThunderReach, a digital marketing and PR agency. He is on top of his game!


(Photo via Twitter)

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#MCM Back Again- Clerks & Fast Times Oh My

I love doing MCM & WCW because I enjoy posting about my crushes (yes I do have girl crushes all females do like oh my god I wish I was as cool as her) anyways today mine are dedicated to some fellas from two of my favorite movies of all time, Clerks and Fast Times At Ridgemont High


Above is Judge Reinhold, he played Brad Hamilton in Fast Times… “I shall serve no fries before their time”, was one of his most famous lines. Judge is awesome and has also been in another one of my favorite movies (Ruthless People).

clerks ii

The two above me are double the MCM BECAUSEEEEEEE they’re from Clerks, and in case you¬†don’t know by now Clerks III is going to happen (according to IMDB). Dante is cool, but Randal is my favorite.¬†

In case ya missed it you can read my post on Thought Catalog about Clerks- http://thoughtcatalog.com/jaclyn-ashley/2014/07/6-lessons-we-can-all-learn-from-clerks/

Man Crush Monday is BACK!

You¬†probably do not know this BUT two of my favorite flicks are¬†Heathers¬†and Mean Girls. Mean Girls was inspired by the dark comedy, Heathers, and I can seriously sit there and watch them both over and over again, because they do not get old. I love Heathers, because they say things like “you’re such a pillow case”, and “bulimia was so 87”. It also brings up a deep point at the¬†end of the film when the school was about to get blown up, the world is quite similar to high school, people genuinely get along with people who are like themselves. We really do not get¬†along with those that we cannot relate to.

Mean Girls was hilarious, and showcased how females are so fucking mean to¬†each other, and how we just love to screw with¬†each other’s heads, and target those we see as weaker. What is awesome about both of these teen flicks is they were directed by men, and to me that is pure irony. They are the man crush Monday’s this week.

Michael Lehmann- Director of Heathers!


Mark Water- Director of Mean Girls


TMI- The Office

I am not quite sure how many of my readers work in an office environment, but if you do this one is for you, and if you do not here are a few tips for your future if you shall work in one.

I am writing this post, because I feel like once people get comfortable with one another they think it is okay to reveal private information about themselves, and then try to get the scoop on you. Sorry sweetheart this girl will not be making any headlines anytime soon.

1. Who is fucking who- Some people love to brag about who they are banging especially if it is someone they work with. Come on this is so high school. Keep it to yourself please.

2. Who is cheating on their significant other- I have worked at a few different offices, and yes there is always someone cheating, and it always seems to make it as the “it” conversation like a juicy headline on some gossip magazine. Why is someone cheating that interesting?

3. Discussing your sex life- Sex is an awesome topic to discuss, but not at work. I do not wish to discuss sex in a professional environment, and sometimes I come off as conservative, but it is a defense mechanism. I¬†don’t want my co-workers to know any details of my¬†relationships especially anything sexual.¬†

4. Why you called out- We all get sick, or take days off, but trying to figure out why people did so a particular time is flat out nosey. If you work in an office environment you have an office busy body that keeps tabs on whatever the fuck everyone is doing even if they are not in the same department.

5. Too much whining- Sometimes I think I am a psychologist, because people LOVE to tell me their problems. They seem to think I am some magical genie and I have the solution to all of their problems stored away in my lamp. Well, sorry sunshine, but I¬†don’t! I cannot¬†help you with your weight problems, or your relationship problems, or your low self esteem issues. Go see a doctor!

Well that is it for now! I am going to be making a video to upload this Saturday, and will continue to make Saturday “Snarky Saturdays” where I will upload a new video! For this week, would you like “top reasons people block you from their Facebook news feed, or horrible songs that need to stop getting air time”. I will also be doing Man Crush Mondays again, and Women Crush Wednesdays starting up again next week! If you are a blogger that would like to get featured on one of those please email me at Jaclynashley79@gmail.com, or send me a tweet @Jaclynashley79



This week’s MCM’s are dedicated to actors from a few of my favorite television shows!

1. David Faustino ¬†gained fame as the lovable Bud Bundy, on the hit show¬†Married With Children. This is one of my favorite television shows of ALL time, because the Bundy’s pushed television boundaries and they were hilarious. Faustino continues to work in Hollywood as both an onscreen and voiceover actor!


2. Ricardo Antonio Chavira

He was half of my favorite couple on Wisteria Lane! I loved the Solis’s, because their characters made a total 360 by the end of the series. Ricardo is currently acting on the CBS show¬†Bad Teacher.


3. Evan Peters

Have you seen American Horror Story? If not, please watch it! I LOVE LOVE how the storyline changes every season, because it is like watching a brand new show. They bring back many of the same actors, however they play different characters; it is brilliant. Evan Peters is an excellent actor, he literally sucks you into his characters. I love him as Tate in the first season, because even though the character was completely insane, and murdered a bunch of his classmates, I still kinda, sorta liked him.