What Social Media Specialists Can Learn From The Don

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero has officially said good-bye, yes, Jon Hamm will no longer be seen playing the character that made him famous. I love Don Draper. He was sexy, witty, intelligent, fantastic at his job, and completely flawed. He was a terrible husband, a bad father, successful, but broken on the inside. On the outside he was a square, but on the inside, he was a damn octagon, and I think viewers appreciated tuning in to someone that wasn’t an ideal image of what the perfect person should be, because despite his character flaws, many fans still loved the Don.We seem to dig imperfections.

Anyways, the Don was a marketing genius, and his ways can assist in making your social media content better.

Everyone seems to think social media is easy, a monkey can do it, all you have to do is post, and boom results happen. It is not that simple, but here are some tips you can learn from the Don.

1. Understand that great social media isn’t easy…remember when Peggy told him “sex sells”, and he responded by explaining to her that people that think like that believe monkeys can do their job? If you want to represent a company correctly, you need excellent posts, you need to figure out how to get peoples attention, what makes them click??

2. “Advertising is based on one thing, happiness”-Don We react to happiness, because we are emotional, and if your posts have the ability to make me feel something, you’re golden. That’s why cats videos, and baby videos always go viral.

3. Any product, or service can be made interesting on social media. People that suck at social media look at boring companies like mechanic shops, or hardware stores as lame, but if you think outside of the box, and figure out a way to appeal to people’s emotions you’re golden. Nobody really cares about Coke, or Pepsi, as Steve Jobs referred to it as “sugar water”, they buy these products, because Pepsi and Coke know how to be emotionally appealing. Pretty much anything that came out of Don’s mouth triggered an emotion. “She’s not married because she’s never been in love, I think I wrote that once to sell nylons” You kinda want to punch him in his face. It worked. You felt something. Your posts, status, tweets, instagram photos, need to make people feel something.

4. Stay true to you and don’t force anything. Don couldn’t roll with the hippies, because, he was a man in a suit that followed societies norms during that time period. Don’t attempt to build relationships via social media that are not natural.

5. Always be innovative. If you cant find sharable content in your industry make your own damn content. Write your own memes, create your own gifs, videos, etc, set the trend don’t always follow. g1387991886437830891.jpg


Alexa VS MOZ

For those of you that do not know, I work in internet marketing! I am currently only marketing one company, and that includes assisting with their social media. I love social media, and marketing, I hope to own an online public relations company, because it is something I am passionate about, and I am pretty good at forming relationships with people, I dunno, people seem to like me. Anyways, I am loving Alexa, because it is so easy to use, and I can find information in a matter of seconds. When you combine Alexa, and Google analytics together you can really see how well your website is doing, and what sort of content you should be using in order to gain traffic to both your social media sites, and actual website. Content INCLUDES photos! Photos that are properly tagged can help you rank, plus people like photos, too much text is OLD SCHOOL!

MOZ is cool and all, but I like Alexa more, because it is simple, and allows me to see what I want to quickly.

***Also, I am going to be hosting for Trends TV! If you are a local Socal business, and would like to get featured, email me!!! Jaclynashley79@gmail.com

Snarky Social Media

Hell All,

I am in the process of starting an online business. I had a logo created with my name, but do not know if I LOVE LOVE it yet! I need to create my website, and hopefully it will be up by mid-April. As many of you may, or may not know, I am very passionate about social media, and online public relations. I believe it is so important for companies to have a great online reputation as well as an awesome image, and that is why I decided to start my own thing! My services will be social media packages, along with packages that consist of getting you mentioned on various blogs, and in YouTube videos. My rates are going to be incredibly affordable, and everyone getting social media will be offered a weekly report, and Skype call if needed. I do have an online portfolio, so people can see I am not bullshitting whether I know what I am doing or not! I am also going to be pitching to be Youtubers, and bloggers to get them on my roster :). If you have a blog that gets alot of traffic, please email me Jaclynashley79@gmail.com and we can negotiate a price range for clients to get mentioned on your site. I would need to see photos of site stats for three months (most recently).

Anyways, with that being said……… I decided to write a blog entry on good and bad social media.

1. If you go to an agency, or social media specialist, and their social media sucks why the fuck would you pay them to do yours? How do you know if it sucks? Well for starters, if a company has thousands of Facebook likes but no engagement (likes, comments, shares) on most of their posts, more than likely those likes are fake. They’re bots, and you know what bots do? NOTHING! It is much better to have 100 likes on an account and see people engaging in the posts than thousands with nothing. They’re not constantly posting. If you want to remain relevant on social media you need to frequently post. All of their posts consist of self promotion….ummm game over thanks for playing nobody likes this shit…you need to post a variety of posts other than “buy my products”.

2. They understand the purpose of each social media site. Twitter is excellent for building relationships, and showing off your wits. Facebook is great for ads, and building a fan base. Instagram is awesome for visual clients…restaurants, bridal clients, art related clients, ANYTHING FITNESS! Google Plus sucks ass and its kinda totally boring and people don’t really dig it but its awesome for SEO. It’s Google’s baby…well not really but you get what I am saying..


4. If a company has 4,000 Twitter followers, and they’re following 4,000 people they suck ass. You need a good ratio, because it shows people are interested in you and genuinely give a shit about what you’re posting. 100 followers and you’re following 20 is better than 4,000 followers and 4,000 following.

5. Not every social media site is usable for every type of business. That’s the cold hearted truth, but some are awesome for generally everyone (fb, twitter) you just have to know what to post, who to follow, who to rt/engage with.

My Blog Sucks!

My blog’s layout is ugly, and so is the logo, therefore it will be getting a redesign soon! I am hoping to have it look more professional within the next month. I also need to host my blog elsewhere, because WordPress does not allow you to install Google Analytics, and if I really want to correctly market my blog, I need to know the demographic that is visiting my site, and my bounce rate! Does anyone have any suggestions as to who I should host with? Oh & here’s a laugh for you!


Steve Jobs Is THE KING of Marketing!

Elvis was the king of rock ‘ n’ roll, Michael is the king of pop and Steve Jobs is the KING of marketing, because Steve revolutionized how to get consumers. It was not about beating competition, it was about getting the consumer differently, and I just love it! 

Jobs was passionate about the products he sold, and wanted to change the world, and he fucking DID! I love passionate people that obsess over what they love. He also understood his consumers were humans, and because of this Apple’s earlier ads were very emotional; their Think Differently commercial is my love. I have watched it 100000 times because it reassures me that being the square peg in a round hole is perfectly okay. I will always dance to my own beat.

“REAL” Women Do Not Sell

I know I am going to get a significant amount of slack for this post, because my opinion can be deemed “offensive”, anti-feminist, and down right cold, but I honestly do not give a fuck..I am unapologetic about my unconventional views. So…are you ready?

 I frequently see videos of people trying to explain how models, and women that meet societies standards of beauty are enhanced by photoshop . WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! No duh??? Really??? So, 50 year old actresses really do have wrinkles, and gorgeous super models have acne scars..and Kim Kardashian has cellulite? I am SHOCKED. No really people, I am sure that if you were famous and had millions of people staring at your images, you would not mind a little bit of enhancement here and there. 

I also see people trying to convince advertisers to use “real” women, because “real” women that we see in our everyday lives do not look like the females in ads. Well guess what? When it comes to marketing, “real” is often correlated with “average”, and would you want your product associated with something “average”, if you are smart you would have answered NO! The term average is a big fat gigantic NEGATIVE in marketing. Why? Because you want your product to appear “superior” to others. Plus, if you use average looking everyday women your product will be connected with that, and unfortunately you may see a decrease in revenue. 

The people that are the prime victims of advertisers messages  are young girls, and this is heartbreaking. They are sold the idea that they are nothing more than a toned body, and doll smile. Society as a whole cannot just blame advertisements for teen girls negative body image issues. I said it before and I will say it again, if parents did their damn job, their children would not experience so many problems! The fact that I do not look like a super model does not make me think any less of myself period. I will never be a size 0; oh fucking well. When I was growing up I was complimented more on my intelligence and talents rather than my appearance. Perhaps other parents should do the same. Focus on your daughters talents, intelligence, teach them how to independent, strong and show them that these qualities are far more important than being “pretty”. 

With that being said all you “average” women that complain about not looking like a super model or not have a “skinny” body I do not feel sorry for you, maybe you should focus on your character, or go to the gym a few times a week and quit going to the McDonalds drive through every day.