Random Tuesday Thoughts

If I could play any celebrity in words with friends it would be Nicki Minaj.

I love Costco, but I hate waiting.

I love water, but I hate peeing.

I love carrot juice, but I fear turning into a carrot.

I hate soda.

Smoking can look glamorous but it isn’t worth premature aging.

Vanity is my favorite sin.

I also like gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, envy and wrath.

I am spiritual but not very religious.

I don’t mind religious people though, but I don’t mind atheists either.

I don’t see black or white, and grey is boring so I don’t see that either.

I like makeup, but my hair is always a hot mess.

I find it ironic we always sell sex, but never focus on monogamy.

Daughters and sons should be treated equally.

A lot of feminists annoy me. They overthink stuff and try to argue.

We are all sinners, even saints.

I cannot use commas properly.

My grammar sucks.

Math has always been my worst subject.

I have a creative mind, and I don’t get along with math.

I am an air head, a ding bat, but I’m brilliant in my own way.

I am vulnerable, and it makes me appealing.

I am attracted to broken, insecure men.

Most people stop chasing their dreams because some bitter person failed at theirs and told them they’d never make it. Let the bitter be bitter.





Hey Peeps! I am learning how to make vlogs on Imovie! This is my first one about some cheap ass awesome makeup products!!


You Don’t Know Where The F*** To Shop!

I love watching beauty videos on YouTube, because they changed my life. They taught me more about makeup, different brands like NYX, omg INEXPENSIVE and amazing! (Ulta carries it I love their powder, lip glosses, and pencil bases, havent tried their foundations yet,  but I did try their liquid concealer and didnt like it)

Sometimes they make videos about different websites, and one of them is a second hand shop selling brands like Urban Outfitters and Banana Republic. Ahem….. I have no problems with buying second hand stuff, I have heard of people walking into second hand shops and coming out with a brand new Gucci sweater with the damn tags still on (gotta love Beverly Hills) but Banana Republic? No, thanks. There is this magical store called MARSHALS!!!! I have purchased Express, Banana Republic, Juicy Couture (when people gave a fuck about it) Ralph Lauren, BCBG and The Limited clothing all at Marshals, brand new and most of the time on sale, because I hardly buy anything full price. 

Another tip is buy stuff at the end of the season when its all on sale, because items like blazers, jeans, black slacks etc are timeless, so you dont have to worry about them becoming outdated. I remember one time I bought black slacks at The Limited for $15!

#WCW Beauty Gurus

I absolutely love watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, and over the years have learned so much about different products and makeup techniques!! Here are this week’s #WCWs!!!

1.Elle Fowler- She is incredibly classy and has a great sense of style! Check out her latest video!


2. Letzmakeup- She offers in depth celebrity makeup tutorials along with hauls and vlogs. Chek out her Cheryl Cole tutorial


3. Iwanted2c1video- I LOVE BETHANY’S videos!! She always uses inexpensive products and she is incredibly talented. Some of her tutorials are great for Halloween!