What College Taught Me.


I graduated from college earning a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Film/Media Studies. Some people may see this degree as rather pointless, because it is a rough field to break into, and you can’t really get to the top of the entertainment, or media field without knowing someone who can get you there. It really is all about networking and who you know. College did not teach me anything about education. College taught me life lessons, and helped me figure out how to be an “adult” at an early age. So, for those of you that may think college is bogus, or an arts degree is pointless, let me give you a bit of an insight on what college taught me.

#1.) I am responsible for my own mistakes. I cannot point the finger at someone else; it makes ME look foolish. Nobody forced me to go to class. I was paying to be there. They get their cash whether or not my ass was in that seat.

#2.) It introduced me to kids with different backgrounds. Kids who grew up in different countries, different socioeconomic backgrounds, kids who were second generation American, and so forth.

#3.) Being book smart is great. I mean being book smart will help you earn straight A’s, but being book smart will not make you extraordinary. Remembering what someone else wrote, and having the ability to pencil in the right bubble isn’t that mind boggling.

#4.) College taught me to question society. It taught me to analyze what the media tries to sell, and really helped me not buy into it.

#5.) It helped me find the flaws in Disney movies.

#6.) It taught me how to fail.

#7.) It taught me how to work well with men.

#8.) It taught me how to get along with people I really could not stand. Part of life is learning how to effectively work with people who you dislike.

#9.) It taught me that I hate weed, I suck at beer pong, and I am really better off dating guys that are at least 8 years older than myself.


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What I learned in 27 Years

This is inspired by Jenna Marbles latest video.

What have I learned in 27 years?

#1. Not everyone dies old. We grow up thinking we are invincible until we are old, and wrinkly, but that isn’t the case. There were kids I went to elementary school with that are no longer with us, and we are still in our 20’s.

#2. Those that get straight A’s in school may also be great at failing in life.

#3. Successful people may not necessarily be the most intelligent, but they are the most hard working, and aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

#4. The pretty, mean girls in high school grow up and get fat.

#5. Men really aren’t shallow.

#6. If you date the same type of person over and over again…you shouldn’t bitch when it doesnt work out.

#7.Trophy wives exist, but they get kicked to the curb when the guy finds a younger, hotter girl that just wants to have fun.

#8. Women cheat too.

#9. Most of the stuff your parents tell you as a kid turns out to be right.

#10. People bullshit…alot.

#11. People are full of excuses.

#12. You need more than money to be rich.

#13. Dogs have better morals than humans.