Stuff I <3

In honor of V-day…Here’s stuff I ❤

  1. Feeling dehydrated, then drinking water, and having to piss  every five minutes afterwards.
  2. When people take forever to go through a stop light, because they’re too busy texting.
  3. When guys refuse to get haircuts; I just love unkept hair, because it makes me want to grow a bush.
  4. When random people bitch to me; it makes me feel rather intelligent, who knew I had the brains to be a shrink?
  5. Going into a public bathroom that does not have any toilet paper left.
  6. Waiting in lines, because it tests my patience.
  7. Guys that smother you when they’re kissing you.
  8. Split ends, because they’re such a distraction.
  9. Pinterest, because I dig looking at photos of crafts, and DIY stuff that I can totally DM.
  10. Nancy Grace, because she is so informative and knows everything.

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