She Has Everything & You Hate Her For It.

She has everything. She’s pretty, she’s articulate, she drives a fancy convertible, she’s had every career imaginable, and she managed to fuck a dick-less boyfriend for over five decades. She’s fantastic and she is made of plastic.

She’s a wholesome sex icon. She is one gigantic joke.

I do a whole Barbie bit in my stand up act. It begins with “my parents always bought me career Barbies..they never seemed to get me the one I really wanted..serial killer Barbie. She was too expensive the bodies were sold separately..”

(Photo Credit: Mariel Clayton)


I truly believe that Barbie was created by a devote Christian because she’s had the same boyfriend for 50 years, and her knees don’t bend.

I think Mattel created a society that mocks society and it all began with monogamy.  I don’t believe Barbie’s “unrealistic” figure should be frowned upon. I think the idea that she’s smokin hot, insanely driven, seems to have it all and only had one boyfriend along the ride is the problem. We are a society obsessed with monogamy and I think this an enormous issue. I don’t care about getting married, or being with the same guy for five decades. It just doesn’t seem fun or realistic.

Barbie and her plastic friends are a representation of what Capitalism and religion have imbedded into our minds. Barbie doesn’t have just any car..she has a pink convertible car, so when she is driving everyone will stare, and probably snapchat it at a stop light. She has a huge mansion in Malibu, a gigantic swimming pool, a Kim Kardashian lifestyle and she never had to get fucked on camera to get it.

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Funny/ Humor Blogs to Submit/ Do a Link Exchange with!

Hey Everyone, Does anyone know of any funny/humor blogs I can submit my parody video:  to right now I disabled the comments to avoid trolls lol I know the video will attract trolls, however I want to avoid them during the early stages of views. They are very annoying! I would love to do a link exchange, or submit content!!! I will accept comments once I find out who I can submit to!


#WCW Beauty Gurus

I absolutely love watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, and over the years have learned so much about different products and makeup techniques!! Here are this week’s #WCWs!!!

1.Elle Fowler- She is incredibly classy and has a great sense of style! Check out her latest video!

2. Letzmakeup- She offers in depth celebrity makeup tutorials along with hauls and vlogs. Chek out her Cheryl Cole tutorial

3. Iwanted2c1video- I LOVE BETHANY’S videos!! She always uses inexpensive products and she is incredibly talented. Some of her tutorials are great for Halloween!

The Crazy Girl That Dropped 30k To Look Like Kim K

Claire Leeson, a British girl is making national headlines, because she dropped 30k to look like her idol, Kim K. Most people believe Claire is insecure, crazy and may need psychological help more than anything, and while I do agree she definitely needs therapy to deal with her insecurities, Kim Kardashian is just as insane. 

Kim Kardashian and her reps can deny this all they want, but let’s face the facts, she has an entourage of professional stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists making her look like Kim K. She also has a plastic surgeon she has paid thousands of dollars to achieve that flawless face. In a way I cannot blame Kim for being so vain, her looks are her money maker, and were her key to fame. As we all know, looks tend to fade. Her money maker will eventually be destroyed by time; she is not getting any younger. Plastic surgery and expensive facials will not keep her famous looks forever. I hope she can come to an understanding that looks are not everything, and perhaps she can let her fans know this as well. 

As for Claire, she feels confident when she gets Kimified, because she probably feels like she becomes her. She plays a character and that girl that was once bullied takes a hike for a while. Claire’s fantasy helps her escape her own reality, and we all cannot deny that we partake in activities that help us escape. If anything I feel sorry for this girl, and hope she learns to love Claire, and stops trying to gain approval by being a faux Kim Kardashian.

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