The Boy Next Door Review

I saw The Boy Next Door and it was rather creepy and disturbing, but it did show off Jlo’s awesome body. The woman  does not age. She is flawless; she is my ultimate girl crush. I know she is a royal bitch in person, but on the silver screen I cannot help, but love her! Her body is amazing, and the director knew how to show it off. She is in tip top shape, and rocks any skin tight outfit she wears, but anyways enough about Jlo’s rockin bod.

The movie was predictable. Everything in it has been done. The cheating husband gets redeemed in the end, the monster gets killed, but manages to kill one good character, the villain screwed with a bunch of car breaks in an attempt to kill, and the younger man seducing the older woman…done. 

I have to say that  Ryan Guzman played a great psychopath; his character needed to be admitted to a mental institution ASAP. The character was strange, angry and believed he had a relationship with Jennifer’s character, however it only existed inside of his head. Guzman also has a great physique  which was flaunted throughout the entire film.

Guess what? The sex and washboard abs could not save this film from sucking. The entire film was too predictable, I am guessing JLo did not receive a hefty paycheck, because the film’s total cost to make was $4,000,000. :(. The dialogue was also terrible, the cheesy lines, the terrible come backs, and any attempt that Kristen Chenoweth’s character made at being funny was just awful. 

Save your money and watch the sex scenes on YouTube 🙂



The Truth About Curves

I am on my way out right now, because I have a date with SLEEP, but I wanted to get this quick post up, because it is always a hot topic, and that is “body image”, and the subject of curves. Below are women I consider to be “curvy”


A curvy woman is at a healthy weight with a good hip to waist ratio, but these days it seems as if people are using the term as a nice way to describe a woman that is “overweight”, and this pisses me off! Both of these women are FAR from being overweight, and I would take JLO’s figure over a Victoria Secret models body any day of the week (no offense to them as they are all beautiful too) I am just all about that bass :). 

America has an obesity problem, and while we should not “fat shame”, or scorn anyone for their weight, because that is plain mean, and only makes the problem even worse, we should not be calling women who are unhealthy “curvy”, because I personally think it sends a negative message. I do think it is important for society to embrace all different shapes, and sizes, because we all do not look the same and if we did how fucking boring would the world be? We need to make sure we promote health, and being a good weight for our height/body frame, not sugarcoating a health problem with “curvy”!!!!

The Big Booty Craze

Big asses used to be “uncool”, “unsexy”, and many white folks associated them with being  “fat”, then this thing called rap music became popular making it awesome to have some junk in the trunk. In the 80’s people were obsessed with aerobics and maintaining a very slim figure (there is nothing wrong with this I am not implying being slim is bad). In 1992 Sir Mix Alot released the song Baby Got Back and it is considered a hip hop classic! It is catchy, funny and entertaining. Some believe he paved the way for people like JLo who’s trademark became her big booty. Before rap, curvier women like Lopez probably had a slim chance of conquering the entertainment world. The subject of this blog entry was inspired by this video TMZ posted, yes I know, shut the f*** up, TMZ is a guilty pleasure. Sir Mix Alot said big butts were always popular, I just made them mainstream now the white boys are with me! 

Personally, the popularity of hip hop and seeing big butts praised is beneficial to my self esteem. I will never be a size 0, I am always going to have a big butt and women like Kim Kardashian and JLo showed me there is nothing wrong with having an ass. Like I said in previous blogs, all body types can be beautiful just because you dont have a JLo booty does not mean you are not pretty, we became a society that is obsessed with being thin, and not all of us can have Paris Hilton’s body. She has a flawless figure, but my ass will never allow me to be that skinny it is not set in my DNA! So, high fives to my big booty girls.