Why SOME Christians Get On My Last Nerve!

Happy Sunday folks ūüôā

Let me make this clear, I am not an Atheist, I believe in God and I believe Jesus was God’s son, however I am not a fan of many Christians, because I believe they are poor representations of what Jesus was. I believe Jesus was a laid back guy that preached love, forgiveness and turning the other cheek when someone did you wrong. He explained that we are all sinners for imperfections make us human.¬†

I know my opinions can be rather biased because I have not met every Christian and every Atheist, but I have met more Atheists that have more morals than “Christians” and the most judgmental people I have ever come across happen to be Christian.¬†

“Counting someone else’s sins does not make you a saint”, I saw that somewhere and I think it is genius.

I have had Christians take digs at me simply because they were jealous. Isnt envy one of the seven deadly sins? Tisk, tisk. I have heard Christians refer to other women as sluts- didn’t Jesus say “Those who have not sinned shall cast the first stone”. I have seen ¬†Christians use their religion as a way to discriminate against homosexuals, and as a way to justify the fact that they are racists.¬†

I am a pretty Liberal person and I will continue to live my life that way. I do not believe in preaching to our youth about waiting until marriage to have sex. I do not believe in judging everyone who does not live their life as I do. I do not sit there and count others mistakes believe me I have enough of my own. I am not a perfect person and I will never pretend to be. 

I am not saying that ALL Christians are like this, because many are genuine. I am just explaining some personal experiences.


I Love My Mother But I Don’t Like Her

Growing up most of us are taught to believe that our parents know right from wrong, their thoughts are always in our best interest, and they know best. My mother taught me a few valuable traits like, stand up for what I believe in, do not value material possessions over love, and has always supported all my wacky ideas. College was an eye opener for me, because I learned all about liberation. My mother is not what I consider a “progressive” woman, sure she went to college, and had a job for a while, however once I was born she became a stay at home mother. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the times my mother nursed me back to health from being sick, the projects she helped me on, in which earned me high grades, and the tests she pushed me to study for.¬†

Here is why I do not like my mother: she is extremely spoiled, and¬†judgmental yet likes to mask it by pretending as if she is some sort of an angel sent from God. When I was in High School, my best friend opened my eyes. For the first time, I saw how spoiled I was, how fortunate, and selfish I was. I had everything yet desired more. She on the other hand came from a family which consisted of an abusive father that struggled to financially support his children. I spent my entire senior year trying to “save” her and some of my 20’s. I helped her get a job, gave her rides, and bought her new clothing, because giving to someone else felt rewarding. My stupid ass mother made remarks like “________ is the only poor person with a¬†chauffeur.” This is the same woman that likes to preach how “religious” she is, and what a wonderful person she is. I am not religious, I would rather stab my leg with a pencil than sit through mass, but I do believe in Jesus, and I see him as someone that helped those that others would ignore. I also see him as doing kind gestures for others, because it was the right thing to do.

Here is another reason I don’t like my mother: she makes ignorant comments like, “I am shocked no guy has tried to rape you in that outfit.” This sort of bullshit strikes a huge cord with me. Growing up I had so many female friends that were victims of rape/sexual abuse, and I saw what it did to them. How they were attracted to shitty men, how they viewed their bodies, and most of all their self worth. These sort of comments perpetuate a negative attitude towards women, I dont care if a woman is dressed like a hooker on a street corner, she is still a human being and she deserves the same amount of respect as the woman wearing a suit. It is never okay to rape a woman, or to treat one as if she is nothing more than a sex object.

The final reason I don’t like my mother: she is insecure, and has never been happy with who she is and she takes it out on me. I love myself to the point that sometimes I am in love with myself, and even boast about it. It took a long time to get to this point, I was often a target for the mean girls, was poked fun at the majority of adolescence, and was never popular. I am now thankful for it all, because being weird/unpopular is awesome. I am a natural born leader, with a strong personality and I am going to take on the world. The popular kids are now fat, married with children working mediocre jobs. I would probably overlook any of them, because they are not up to par with my standards. I do not associate myself with losers, I like weirdos, creative people, goal oriented people etc. My mother has never truly liked herself, this is why she gives good looking women dirty looks and often makes rude remarks about them. A person with self love does not have time to hate.