20’s Versus Teen Years & Why They Are So Much Better

I am not afraid of aging, at least not mentally. I know so much more now than I did at 17. I will give you a few examples, when I was a teenager I met this guy lets call him “dipshit”, I thought he was really attractive. Well dipshit was incredibly disrespectful towards me, rude to me in front of his friends, called me stupid in his car, thank heavens he did not last long. He was in my life for approximately one week. Now the teenage version of myself sat there like a frightened puppy, and let this jerk belittle me but the adult me would have torn him a new one if you know what I mean. Looking back now I realize this guy was not very good looking, he was uneducated, and was not going to amount to much. Once you gain some life experiences, you see guys like him from a mile away and learn to keep your distance. They are not worth any female’s time, because a guy that treats a girl like this is scum. Sometimes I wish I could run into him now, so I could give him my “I know you but I am not going to acknowledge you look”. It always annoys guys, and I find it entertaining.

Now let’s talk about Mr. Suave. I used to think this dude had it all, good looks, charming personality, intelligence all equipped with a selfish attitude and self centered core. While men like this often appear like they have it all, many times they do not because they are the kinds of people nobody really likes. Nobody wants to be around a liar, or a cheater or someone that treats you like a toy. Eventually they grow tired of you and walk away. He taught me that being a good person that gets hurt sometimes is far better than being a jerk that “appears” to be on top of the world.

Than there is Mr. The Glass isnt even half full for it is completely empty! This guy was never happy, and he probably will never be. He is immature, rude, and miserable. I ignore guys like him now, because they are toxic. I am a confident, happy, strong woman and I do not need to have someone like him in my life.

With that being said, I am going to have one hell of year! I am beginning my new job later this month, which I am EXTREMELY psyched about, GREAT company, I will finish the rough draft of my book, and I will be creating better Youtube videos now that I have access to a green screen! My series As If You Didn’t Know That will be seen weekly, probably every Monday.