Alexa VS MOZ

For those of you that do not know, I work in internet marketing! I am currently only marketing one company, and that includes assisting with their social media. I love social media, and marketing, I hope to own an online public relations company, because it is something I am passionate about, and I am pretty good at forming relationships with people, I dunno, people seem to like me. Anyways, I am loving Alexa, because it is so easy to use, and I can find information in a matter of seconds. When you combine Alexa, and Google analytics together you can really see how well your website is doing, and what sort of content you should be using in order to gain traffic to both your social media sites, and actual website. Content INCLUDES photos! Photos that are properly tagged can help you rank, plus people like photos, too much text is OLD SCHOOL!

MOZ is cool and all, but I like Alexa more, because it is simple, and allows me to see what I want to quickly.

***Also, I am going to be hosting for Trends TV! If you are a local Socal business, and would like to get featured, email me!!!


My Blog Sucks!

My blog’s layout is ugly, and so is the logo, therefore it will be getting a redesign soon! I am hoping to have it look more professional within the next month. I also need to host my blog elsewhere, because WordPress does not allow you to install Google Analytics, and if I really want to correctly market my blog, I need to know the demographic that is visiting my site, and my bounce rate! Does anyone have any suggestions as to who I should host with? Oh & here’s a laugh for you!