Keep It Classy When You Tell Someone To Shut The F*** Up!

Happy New Years Everyone :). This is officially my first post for 2015, and I am going to make it an okay one, because my second post will contain something quite funny, and entertaining. Anyways, sometimes telling someone to shut the fuck off is rather rude, and just might make you appear classless and mean, and we wouldn’t want that now do we? I have come up with a few different ways to inform someone that they need to pipe the fuck down without saying the word fuck. If you have any please feel free to leave some comments below :).


1. If someone is talking to you and what they’re saying is driving you insane simply ignore them. This works well if that person is trying to bring you down, or is having a blast amusing themselves by attempting to make you feel inferior to them. You don’t have time to deal with people’s insecurities, nor do you have time to fight with them about what they’re doing simply ignore it.

2. Walk away.Yes, get up and walk away from the situation. It will probably leave the person dumbfounded and baffled, but who cares. Just put one foot in front of the other and soon you will be walking out of the door 🙂

3. Say something witty but do it with a smile. When people try to attack you, or enjoy picking on you to get a reaction, they are trying to make you blow up in their faces, and usually this is so they can play the victim card, and if you do go all Hulk on their asses you will pay a price. So smile like a step-ford wife and say something witty.

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Mean Girls & Mean Boys

Growing up I was often victimized by the mean girls, and boys at school. I was awkward, incredibly bright, and without a doubt an ugly duckling. Throughout my adolescence I experienced peers calling me everything from ugly, to scrutinizing the size of my nose, and only wanting to befriend me, because I was intelligent. I used to be extremely insecure, I used to despise my own reflection, and wanted the popular kids to like me. I remember I let guys say some messed up shit to me when I was a teenager, because I did not like myself! Ugh. As an adult, I would tell these losers off so fast it would make their head spin! I can honestly say, I LOVE MYSELF. It took a while, but you know what? I am the pick of the litter, and so are most women, they just need to learn to see it with their own two eyes. The majority of mean girls and boys do not go anywhere in life. They get fat, and live mediocre lives. You know Tom Hanks was a weirdo in high school? You know Stephen Speilberg was made fun of in high school because he was odd, and creative? Kesha was poked fun at because she was “fat”, and when she told her peers I am going to be a rock star, they laughed. Kurt Cobain was also bullied because he was so thin. Brilliant people are usually punched down a couple of times, because the mean girls and boys are too dumb to comprehend their minds. If you are currently a target for these dip shits, remember one thing, those bullies are targeting you because there is something you have that they dont. Don’t let them get to you, and if someone is putting you down give it right back to them, you watch how fast they shut up once the tables are turned.