Do Not Lecture Me When You Also Need to Be Taught The Same Lesson

Please do not attempt to lecture me when you also need to be taught the lesson, because I am more than happy to drop your class.

I can take constructive criticism quite well, and have used people’s critiques about my work, or character in order to better myself. What I get cannot take is when someone attacks me for doing the same thing they also do. It annoys me. I find it childish, foolish and pathetic. 

After a long weekend filled with amazing events like hanging out with friends, and attending a red carpet charity event in order to interview some cool celebrities, I had to read this obnoxious message about all of these horrible things I do, meanwhile this person does the EXACT same shit she was getting on my case about. In the end, I told her she is losing a great friend over her ignorance. She then said we were both wrong in the situation and we should just not talk for a bit. I honestly do not know if I can forgive her. I am an imperfect person, but I am also not going to preach and then not practice what I preach. 

She also gets on my case for being judgmental and yes I can be a snob, but people that are sitting on their asses all day smoking weed, and collecting welfare checks when they are fully capable of getting a job do not get respect from me. In fact, I choose NOT to associate myself with these types of people. You cannot get to the top of the staircase, when you constantly surround yourself with the people that will always remain at the bottom. 

In the end, in life we all have to let some friends go and move on.


“Sluts” “Whores” & Good Girls

Terms such as slut, whore, ho, tramp, skank (the list can go on) are often used to ostracize a female that society believes lacks morals due to her promiscuous behavior. She may dress in revealing clothing, have too many sex partners or might even oppose some sort of a threat to both males and females. A woman that does not conform to how society says she should act in terms of sexuality. For society says its perfectly fine for a guy to sleep with as many women as he wants, because it only enhances their masculinity. Some of these men are often coined “players”, because they can get a significant amount of women in bed with them. Essentially a males promiscuous behavior is often rewarded where as a female gets scrutinized. One time someone told me well, a key that can open any lock is called a master key however a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock. I am glad they compared the human genitals to pencils and sharpeners. Anyways, here is my point with this blog entry, I do not think it is fair that women get judged for the number of sex partners they have if it happens to be considered “too many” yet a man gets a pat on the back. Personally, I believe BOTH genders need to be cautious, practice safe sex and understand that 25% of the population has an STD.

Good girls are people women that appear “good” meaning they do not challenge societies norms in terms of sexuality, they dress conservatively and probably have not smoked a cigarette or gone over the speed limit. I am just kidding people, when I think of a “good” girl I simply think of someone like Marcia Brady, clean cut, well mannered, intelligent, respectful and humble. Someone you want as your neighbor or your co-worker because they are sweet like apple pie. There is nothing wrong with being either type of woman, as long as your happy, sincere and healthy. 

Note: I hope you enjoyed this blog entry I write a few times a week, and am currently working on my first young adult book, of course it is juicy and instilled with controversial subject matters and my females are strong characters….I also vlog and make quirky youtube videos!