Defending the XY Part2

All of my life I have always bonded quite well with men, and had close friends that were the good ole XY.

Over the years, this behavior continued, because I feel better opening up to them. I can emotionally connect with them, and talk about random shit, plus I have a really dark/raunchy sense of humor and many times it aggravates the XX.

I think for the most part the MAJORITY of men aren’t what society makes them out to be.

#1. MOST MEN AREN’T FUCKING SHALLOW! They don’t sit there and analyze every fucking flaw on the female body. MOST ALSO BELIEVE BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE. They also don’t give a fuck about your cellulite, and stretch marks.

#2. No matter how sexy a guy he is, how intelligent, how successful, most of them still find the xx intimidating, because we are. How males and females communicate is totally different. For the most part, guys show girls they are pursing interest through their actions. Girls yack a lot lol. For the most part, guys are about actions.

#3. I think most guys worry about their sexual performance especially when I don’t call them back :).

#4. Guys like sex, sure, and many of them are driven by it but when they’re horny teenagers and in their early 20’s, but eventually they do calm the fuck down. Ask a guy in his 30’s if he wants what he wanted in his early 20’s when it comes to relationships and he will probably look at you like you have 25 heads and 10 tits.

#5. Guys don’t really get signals, you have to be straightforward with them. I am EXTREMELY HORRIBLE AT THIS! I am EXTREMELY shy. Like I do the dumbest things when I am interested in dating a guy or find him super attractive, because I am still the nerdy junior high kid with no tits and braces everyone poked fun at. I just know how to hide it beneath a push up bra, and 10lbs of makeup.

#6. I HATE when chicks constantly take digs at men because I believe there are tons of good ones out there. I just have to find one that makes me truly happy.




“REAL” Women Do Not Sell

I know I am going to get a significant amount of slack for this post, because my opinion can be deemed “offensive”, anti-feminist, and down right cold, but I honestly do not give a fuck..I am unapologetic about my unconventional views. So…are you ready?

 I frequently see videos of people trying to explain how models, and women that meet societies standards of beauty are enhanced by photoshop . WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! No duh??? Really??? So, 50 year old actresses really do have wrinkles, and gorgeous super models have acne scars..and Kim Kardashian has cellulite? I am SHOCKED. No really people, I am sure that if you were famous and had millions of people staring at your images, you would not mind a little bit of enhancement here and there. 

I also see people trying to convince advertisers to use “real” women, because “real” women that we see in our everyday lives do not look like the females in ads. Well guess what? When it comes to marketing, “real” is often correlated with “average”, and would you want your product associated with something “average”, if you are smart you would have answered NO! The term average is a big fat gigantic NEGATIVE in marketing. Why? Because you want your product to appear “superior” to others. Plus, if you use average looking everyday women your product will be connected with that, and unfortunately you may see a decrease in revenue. 

The people that are the prime victims of advertisers messages  are young girls, and this is heartbreaking. They are sold the idea that they are nothing more than a toned body, and doll smile. Society as a whole cannot just blame advertisements for teen girls negative body image issues. I said it before and I will say it again, if parents did their damn job, their children would not experience so many problems! The fact that I do not look like a super model does not make me think any less of myself period. I will never be a size 0; oh fucking well. When I was growing up I was complimented more on my intelligence and talents rather than my appearance. Perhaps other parents should do the same. Focus on your daughters talents, intelligence, teach them how to independent, strong and show them that these qualities are far more important than being “pretty”. 

With that being said all you “average” women that complain about not looking like a super model or not have a “skinny” body I do not feel sorry for you, maybe you should focus on your character, or go to the gym a few times a week and quit going to the McDonalds drive through every day.