Jodi Arias


Jodi Arias’s murder trial has been getting national attention, because it is a story we frequently do not hear about, rarely do we ever see doll faced innocent looking girls like Arias commit such a violent crime. The story is already being created into a film, and people are labeling her a Femme Fatale. I believe Arias is 1000 percent guilty, she clearly committed murder, and lied about in numerous ways. Clearly the well-spoken brunette is not all mentally there.

Aside from that, I do not believe Arias had a fair trial. I believe everyone, regardless of the crime they committed deserves a fair trial, and Arias’s attorney’s failed to represent her in a fair manner. Towards the end they gave up. They completely messed up by putting Travis’s ex-girlfriend on the stand, it is completely stupid to ask a witness yes or no questions, because they could easily backfire!

This is how I would have questioned her:

Was Travis faithful to you? When she said no, I would have said..

How long did it take you to find out about this other woman?

How many women did he cheat on you with?

Travis was engaging in sexual intercourse with Ms. Arias, despite his Mormon religion. Were you also sexually involved with him?

How did it make you feel when you found out he was cheating on you with Ms. Arias?

Did Travis ever mention Jodi was stalking him? When she said yes…I would have said.

If Travis was so terrified by Ms. Arias, and believed she was stalking him, why did he continue to see her?

I do not condone what Jodi Arias did, because murder is never okay. I do however believe the media loves to manipulate people, and paint pictures of what someone dead was like when they were living. From what I can see, I think Travis was anything but a nice person. Arias was clearly in love with him to the point of obsession, sure he broke it off with her yet he continued to have sex with her, and hid her from his friends. That is NOT okay. He began toying with someones emotions. He also briefly mentioned how sexually attracted he was to 12 year old females, during a phone conversation with Arias.

Like I said earlier, I do not believe murder is the answer to anything. If I was Travis, I would have told Arias to fuck off, leave me alone, or I will get a restraining order, but he did not. He joked about her with his friends, telling them if he ever ended up dead, she probably was the one who did it. Why would someone continue to open the door to a woman he felt was that crazy? Was the sex really that amazing?

I believe Arias’s attorney’s should have done their job the proper way, and not have given up. I believe you continue to fight, regardless of knowing you are going to lose. Sometimes you have to get in the batting cage when you are up against a great pitcher, and still swing. I also believe she should have never pleaded innocent, when there was a significant amount of evidence pointing right in her direction. She should have pleaded guilty to manslaughter. She should have said, I was in love with Travis, and after we had sex he informed me he was going to Cancun with another woman, and I completely lost it, I was so angry, I killed him. You cannot say it was self-defense when you do not have any defense wounds!!!

Anyways, I am out for the day.