People Treat You Like DIRT When They No Longer Need You

Roses are red violets are blue be prepared to get treated like shit when people don’t need you!

I seriously HATE PEOPLE! Like I would much rather befriend a room full of mosquitos than a bunch of humans, because at least they’ll straight up bite you, and fuck you over right then and there. No fucking bull shit necessary! 

I hate most people, because they are only nice to you when they need something, but when they no longer need you they treat you like garbage. There is a part of me that wants to scream and cry like some bratty 13 year old girl, but then I know the ultimate revenge against people is simply to give them the cold shoulder and ignore them. Yup. It works like a charm, and I am dead serious, for some reason people go bat shit crazy when you fucking ignore them! Guys especially hate this shit; it drives them insane, and I just adore seeing them crumble. I am royally mad, and because of my anger I decided to be even nicer, YEP, I will NEVER EVER make someone feel as if I only want to talk to them when I need them, because it is a shitty feeling, and I do not wish it upon others. I am secretly a hero disguised as a villain, and I truly only want to spread good in the world. HAPPY HALLOWEEN BITCHES!!!!