Big Red

I wish for one day EVERY f***ing male could experience the big red, their aunt coming to town, or to properly put it a PERIOD!!!

They will just never understand what it is like to PMS, or spend large amounts of money on tampons! So, in honor of #tbt I have comprised a list of reasons as to why periods sucked in middle and high school.

  1. Participating in gym class. For some damn reason, I always got lucky and had my period around the time we had to do the semester mile, running and gushing blood such a fabulous combination!
  2. Having idiot boys make remarks about how bitchy you are acting. Listen dummy, if you had to sit here and learn some pre-cal formula you will never ever use again while having a double shot of cramps, you would not be all sunshine and giggles too!
  3. Your first period ever. Now, I was a fairly late bloomer, I was visited by the bitch for the first time at the very end of 7th grade. I remember girls complaining about cramps in the locker room, and secretly smiling to myself, because I did not have to worry about it yet. Well long behold she arrived, and I didnt see it coming! Lucky for me she made her entrance while was at home. It could have been much worse.
  4. You get to wear sweatpants on Monday, because nothing else fits.