Words of Wisdom…Let it Be

I thought I would write this post up super duper quick before I start this crazy ass day. I know a thing or two about life.

#1.) Communication is crucial for any type of a relationship. Whether it is a friendship, a co-worker, or someone you are dating, a lack of communication can cause a lot of trouble.

#2.) Not everyone is going to like you, who gives a fuck.

#3.) You are not going to succeed at everything you want to succeed in you will fail, and that is cool, everyone does.

#4.) Don’t use drugs to make you thin, you will get fat again.

#5.)  You will outgrow friends. It happens.

#6.) We all fucking die, chase your dreams.

#7.) We all fucking die, chase the person you love even if you think you’re going to get burned…

#8.) Sex is super good for you.

#9.) Fucking is cool too as long as nobody gets hurt.

#10.) Sometimes you cannot see the red flags because they are covered by fire works,  enjoy the view anyway, passion is fun.

#11.) If he was a bad guy at once it doesnt mean he is now, people change, people grow.

#12.) If he is a shitty father it shows a lot about his character.

#13) Cuddling is fun, and helps you get good sleep.

#14.) Kissing is the best, it takes you back to high school, nothing like teen love.

#15.) You have to learn from your mistakes, if you continue to do the same shit you’re a fucking moron.

#16.) We all get played, but it makes us stronger players.

#17.) Taylor Swift is usually dead on.

#18.) Guys tell your girl she is beautiful, even if lots of people do, she needs to hear it from you too.

#19.) We all get burned, but it makes our skin stronger.

#20.) Do drugs for fun, not to subside pain.

#21.) Turn your pain into art.

#22.) Try Kombucha its insanely delicious.

#23.) Take long walks.

#24.) Get your oil changed on time.

#25.) Write all your feelings down.

#26.) Cry. It makes shit better.

#27.) Read even if its articles, read.

#28.) Do Cardio.

#29.) Sometimes you need therapy, its all good, so see one.

#30.) We are all flawed, and have issues.

#31.) Learn to be captivated by yourself.

#32.) A litte narcissism never hurt nobody.

#33.) Alittle vulnerability never hurt nobody.

#34.) Its okay to admit you’re good at something.

#35.) Learn to save your money, I am so bad at this I am always broke lol.

#36.) Don’t waste your energy on dumb shit it aint worth it.

#37.) Be a good friend.





Can Women & Men Just Be “Friends”?

Most people think women and men cannot be friends without there being some sort of sexual tension, or sexual desire from one or both genders, but I disagree. I think men and women can have platonic relationships. I have them. Of course some of my friendships with males have ended abruptly due to the fact that they liked me more than I like them, but whatever, it happens.

I get along better with men. I interact better with men and bond better with men. I can emotionally open up to men more than women. I think it is partially due to the fact that I am vulgar and kind of aggressive for a woman, and that can be seen as intimidating to other women who are more passive.

My best friends since pre-school have usually been male. I remember my first best-friend was Michael; I can recall swinging on swings and his mother removing a splinter from my finger..those were the days. Then throughout elementary my best-friend was Alex, we spent summers together riding bicycles, watching movies and pretending like we had a secret laboratory beneath his house.

The same stuff applies to my adulthood, I always have close male friends I can confide in, and I do believe men tend to be more loyal than women. They’re also more laid back and I rarely fight with them.


Do Not Lecture Me When You Also Need to Be Taught The Same Lesson

Please do not attempt to lecture me when you also need to be taught the lesson, because I am more than happy to drop your class.

I can take constructive criticism quite well, and have used people’s critiques about my work, or character in order to better myself. What I get cannot take is when someone attacks me for doing the same thing they also do. It annoys me. I find it childish, foolish and pathetic. 

After a long weekend filled with amazing events like hanging out with friends, and attending a red carpet charity event in order to interview some cool celebrities, I had to read this obnoxious message about all of these horrible things I do, meanwhile this person does the EXACT same shit she was getting on my case about. In the end, I told her she is losing a great friend over her ignorance. She then said we were both wrong in the situation and we should just not talk for a bit. I honestly do not know if I can forgive her. I am an imperfect person, but I am also not going to preach and then not practice what I preach. 

She also gets on my case for being judgmental and yes I can be a snob, but people that are sitting on their asses all day smoking weed, and collecting welfare checks when they are fully capable of getting a job do not get respect from me. In fact, I choose NOT to associate myself with these types of people. You cannot get to the top of the staircase, when you constantly surround yourself with the people that will always remain at the bottom. 

In the end, in life we all have to let some friends go and move on.

You Spit Your GUM On The Floor a Foot Away From a Garbage Can YOU SUCK!

I am kind of an asshole, and as a proud asshole, over the years, I developed a variety of pet peeves. These actions, words, and motives drive me CRAZY!

1. People that look over my shoulder while I am on my phone and read my text messages. If you are going to be a nosy bitch, at least be discrete about it.

2. Hypocrites. Oh dear God fucking HYPOCRITES. Please do not ostracize someone for doing the same thing you did an hour ago, you do not look mature, or like you are giving awesome advice. You look like a foolish dipshit,

3. Pretend friends. These people mask themselves as your friend, however they have an ulterior  motive. Typically they simply want to use you for something, or to get to someone. If you think you have any of these in your life please do yourself a huge favor, and chuck them to the curb. You do not need these kinds of people in your life.

4. People that spit their gum out right near a damn trash can. Are you seriously that lazy?

5. People that want to live through their spouse’s success. Whether you like it or not, your spouse’s success does not belong to you, perhaps you should go out into the world and find your own.

What are some of your pet peeves???? COMMENT!! The 2nd episode of Snarky TV will be about Pet Peeves, and will be shot on a brand new camera! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it.