Maleficent Is Magnificant

I never thought I would admit this, but Disney is beginning to get it right.

Do not get me wrong, most of us were enchanted by Disney films throughout our childhood, because there were pretty princesses, music and a happy ending. We were conditioned to seek out a happy ending. I never saw anything wrong with any of this until I entered college and participated in a media course which explained all the bullshit Disney instills into their films, the damsel in distress, the fact that all of the good characters have Caucasian features and all of the princesses are incredibly thin. They are always so damn giddy; let’s get real would you be singing with mice if you spent your days in old, torn up clothing sweeping the floor like Cinderella? Probably not. You would probably be smoking your life away and easing your pain with some Jack Daniels. 

This time around Disney struck gold, because Maleficant was an excellent film. For the first time they showed audience members how true love does not necessarily mean romantic love. They showed that Maleficant was actually an anti-hero who happened to get burned, because of greed, however she gets redeemed at the end of the film. I think redemption is always wonderful in films, because the majority of us have redeemable traits; we just fuck up time to time. Angelina Jolie was captivating as always, the makeup was great and it was difficult to not fall in love with her character.

The happy ending did occur, but it came about through a more realistic approach. Sleeping Beauty does get her prince at the end, and Maleficant defeats the evil King, however it lacked the cheesy nonsense incorporated into most Disney films. This film is a must see! 

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“Don Jon” Movies Are EQUALLY as Bad as Porn!

Last week I saw Don Jon, it was written and directed by Joseph Gordon Levitt. It was my kind of film because it challenged social norms by incorporating comedy.

Don Jon was your stereotypical east coast guido. He was Catholic, spent his days chasing after women, working out and jacking off to porn. He repeatedly explains that real sex is not as good as his pornography, later on we learn it is because he views sex as a one way street  therefore cannot emotionally connect to his partners. 

He meets Barbara played by Scarlett Johanssen, at first it plays out like your typical romantic comedy, the player finally “falls in love”, dedicating his every second to making this magical woman happy. Then the plot thickens, Barbara is a pain in the ass, she is bossy, has unrealistic expectations for a relationship along with what a man should be. She gets all upset when she learns Jon cleans his own home…yes he practices something feminine. In the end their relationship does not work out and I dug the non cliche Hollywood ending because love does not always play out like a movie. 

I also enjoyed the satire, how Levitt poked fun at misogynistic men showcasing how dumb they sound when they refer to women as their body parts rather than their name. 

Porn. Yeah like a movie it is entertainment, it is not real…because real people do not fuck like that its a fantasy just like mainstream movies. It screws with men like movies screw with women. It gives them unrealistic expectations, porn is fake, movies are fake yet somehow people get suckered into believing they are giving you a better reality, when they are just fucking with you, porn and movies are equally as toxic, equally as fabricated and equally manipulative. 

I give this film an A 🙂