Pop Music is Like a Granola Bar


Alrighty, this post was inspired by a blog article that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed about Meghan Trainor.

Meghan Trainor has gained a substancial amount of fame, due to her hit song, “All About That Bass”, which embraces her curvaceous figure. Some feminists hate the song, because some of the lyrics include phrases such as, “she says boys like a little more booty to hold at night”, and stating looking a certain way, because boys approve is deemed “anti-feminist”, but whatever some people bitch for the purpose of bitching. I see nothing wrong with the song, because it’s a fucking pop song, and the whole purpose of pop music is to be light hearted, fun and catchy. Trainer is 20, and she probably wrote this song when she was like 18 or 19; this isn’t an experienced 40 year old WOMAN we are talking about, she’s VERY young. I think people need to get off her case, because the girl is talented, adorable and probably did not think her lyrics would offend so many people. These days you cant look at someone without them getting offended.

Which leads me to my next point, pop music is just like a granola bar. It’s a quick fix, its easy to digest, but it doesn’t last very long. It is not good, or bad for you, and it doesn’t really have any value.

Have you ever read any pop lyrics?

Here’s the chorus to Taylor Swift’s new song:

You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

Music snobs know Swift isn’t a great artist, but guess what? She doesn’t have to be she’s a pop star, she writes catchy lyrics that are aimed at tweens, and teens, and they’re not sitting there analyzing the fucking lyrics. She’s sold millions of records, the girl is doing something right.

Here are some from Katy Perry’s song Roar

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion

They’re pretty fucking ridiculous, but Perry’s job isn’t to write lyrics like John Lennon, because she’s a pop star, she just needs to wear cute costumes, be bubbly, and write lyrics that are simple, and easy to remember. The primary demographic that listens to her spends their days taking selfies and recording themselves doing the Kylie Jenner challenge, they don’t need anything too deep, trust me.

In the end, I fucking hate it when bloggers, feminists, and other people take pop lyrics too seriously. Thoughts?


Defending a Pop Culture Icon

She is as iconic as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Her unrealistic body proportions have raised countless of eyebrows, and her glamorous lifestyle filled with dream houses and expensive sports cars  dubbed her materialistic. She is a plastic doll. She isn’t real, but she has played a substantial role in pop culture history, and a beneficial one indeed, which is why I am going to defend her.

To some Barbie emulates the epitome of western culture standards of beauty, due to her straight blonde hair, big eyes and tiny nose. Her influence has caused some women to undergo thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery in order to achieve her unattainable look. Those women more than likely suffer from body dysmorphic disease, because millions of young girls have owned a Barbie and they’re not running to Dr. 90210 to alter their appearance. I do not believe Barbie plays a vital role in contributing to eating disorders, nor do I think she is the cause for many to suffer from them.

According to Time Magazine, Barbie has been “employed” every year since she made her way onto toy store shelves back in 1959. Some of her professions include doctor, astronaut, and fashion editor. In 2014, Entrepreneur Barbie made its debut, and I think that is fantastic. Throughout her 55 years, Barbie has maintained a relationship, succeeded in numerous careers and won millions of children’s hearts.

Barbie has contributed a positive message to adolescent girls, but unfortunately when people think of the iconic doll, the first thought that comes to mind is her looks. Even though Barbie is just a plastic toy, she suffers from the same problems that other famous icons endured, like Marilyn Monroe, she is remembered mostly for her looks. I believe this is a problem, because it shows how shallow society is. People are so obsessed with the way someone appears or in this case something, they often dismiss other important attributes about them.

Barbie is a representation of a beautiful woman, but she also represents independence. She sends some great messages about achieving career goals, imagination and dreaming big. Her latest campaign is called #unapologetic and it is all about not apologizing for being who you are. Nobody should ever feel the need to apologize for being who they are, unless they are murderers or animal abusers.

Films Directed At Teens Used To Be Cool..Now They’re Just Lame

Back in the 80’s & 90’s, films aimed at attracting a teenage demographic consisted of some depth, if one were to look beyond the sexual innuendos, drunken parties, and cliche characters, many of these films focused on controversial topics. 

Fast Times At Ridgemont High remains one of my favorite films, because it is incredibly entertaining however Cameron Crowe and Amy Heckerling incorporated touchy subjects like abortion, the consequences of engaging in protected sex, along with altering traditional gender roles. For example, Stacey Hamilton goes on a mission to become more sexually experienced, because in way she wanted to be like her older, hotter friend, Linda Barrett. Traditionally, the character of Stacey would be portrayed by a male, we often see male characters set out to lose their virginity, or gain some sort of sexual experience before leaving high school. Normally, a character like Linda Barrett who is sexually experienced, very confident and possesses a dominating personality would be punished some how, usually by getting pregnant. Remember Grease? Rizzo gets pregnant, not Sandy. In Fast Times, Stacey gets pregnant and ultimately gets an abortion. There are some television stations that cut out this section of the film, I guess some people still cannot grasp the legality of abortions, and how in many instances it is the most logical thing to do. 

Heckerling also wanted to go more into depth about how teenagers have sex, there is a scene where Stacey and Damone have sex in her backyard, Heckerling wanted to show them naked facing one another, looking frightened, to show how awkward teen sex is but Universal cut that scene out because they feared it was too pornographic. After a few seconds of sex, we see Damone’s leg shake, and boom its over. She portrayed teen sex is a more realistic light, its not glamorous, and the male is not seen as an amazing lover like in a typical John Hughes film (I know Fast Times was a few years before Hughes teen films, just using him as an example).

In today’s world, the majority of films aimed towards the teen demographic are completely terrible, they lack originality, the characters lack depth, and there is no morals incorporated into the story line.