My Comedy Rules & Goals

So, as my comedy act continues to grow, and my voice continues to strengthen, I am developing my own personal comedy rules & goals.

#1.) Keep writing. Always. Everyday you are growing, and becoming more knowledgable, and this should be seen in your jokes. Always.

#2.) If someone isn’t as strong as you don’t listen to them. It’s okay to admit you’re talented because you are. Your brand is starting to grow, and people who are not as talented should butt out of your business.

#3.) Never ever tear down someone’s appearance in a joke. Do not do this to males or females. Sure you have made fun of people’s appearance in your life, yes, who hasn’t but for the stage you go after people’s character, you go after how stupid people are, because you’re bright. Your humor is witty, and humor targeting people’s appearances is easily accessible. That isn’t you. It is also shallow, and Jaclyn Passaro is not shallow.

#4.) Start looking better on stage. Dress better. Your comedy style is old school; it is very classic, and so should your physical appearance. All of the comics you enjoy do not go on stage looking schlocky. They look put together, because the comics you enjoy are not self deprecating.

#5.) Never apologize. There are people who will not get you and your style of humor. Fuck them.

#6.) Never ever dumb yourself down. The right people will fall in love with you.

#7.) Find a headliner who you compliment well and open for them.

#8.) Buy merch so you can start making some cash.

#9.) Perform in Florida & New York (This Year)

#10.) Continue to get darker, and darker. You like making people laugh at what they really shouldn’t laugh at, because its a challenge, and you have an ego. The ego says I am so good I am going to make you laugh at something you shouldn’t laugh at.

#11.) Become MORE narcissistic. The jokes that emphasize the narcness hit extremely well.

#12.) Act friendly. You are always stand offish, and that isn’t going to help you. Its going to make people think you’re a snob.


xoxoxoxoxo- Jaclyn



#NoHardFeelings Show

Another awesome free Los Angeles Comedy show! Featuring comics who have appeared on MTV, Playboy Radio, and have thousands of Youtube hits!



My Comedy Struggle

Comedy is rough man, because I don’t desire approval. I think many comedians struggle with confidence, and seek out love, and validation from complete strangers. I don’t suffer from low-self esteem, and I kinda see this as an issue for me, because it makes me unlikeable as a comic. I am just getting started and other comedians have told me my voice will develop, and eventually people will understand who I am as a person within minutes. I love comedy, and I love making people laugh, but I don’t give a flying fuck about approval, and I believe this causes me to lack vulnerability which is what you need to survive in comedy. Whenever I act like an airhead people fucking laugh and I get the audience on my side, but if I go on stage as a snarky asshole I tend to bomb! Its EXTREMELY frustrating because although I am a ding bat, I am intelligent, and I don’t really want to go on stage as a character, because ultimately I will just become some fucking parody, and I would get so pissed off UNLESS I made a lot of money, that may make me seem like a shitty artist, but at least I am honest. Comedy is still a fucking business, and unfortunately some people are just more marketable.

I did an open mic the other night which gets broadcast on Periscope, and at the end viewers were allowed to ask us questions. I was the only comic in the room with a vagina. A viewer asked is it tough being  a female comic? I said yes, because there are still jokes a man can tell that a woman cannot. I think it is much easier for a man to come across as an asshole than a woman. Sure there are female comics with asshole personas, but it is tougher for a woman to be accepted as one. I feel like people hate me when I go on stage as a snarky bitch, but are more drawn to me when I play the dumb card. It pisses me off! On the bright side I have another show Jan 28th! at El Bar in Los Angeles.



Next Stand Up Show!

For those of you that do not know, I am doing stand up! I absolutely LOVE it! My next show will be at State House Social on December 29th from 9pm-midnight!

8782 West Sunset Blvd West Hollywood 90069

There will be a combination of music and comedy! There is a parking lot right across the street!

I will also be on the Flappers Comedy Flapcast on December 15th at 5:00pm! It is on iTunes if you want to listen!

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