“Fat” Shaming and All Its Misconceptions

We live in a world that praises thin people, but ostracizes “fat” people. While men feel the pressure to look a certain way, I believe women are even more pressured to live up to society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, and the media tells women if they are overweight they are not as beautiful as slimmer women. This sucks. Ladies do not feel as if you need to look like some airbrushed woman on the cover of a magazine, because you will never look that good, she does not even look that hot! 😉 

The reason why I am writing this blog entry is because of the whole fat shaming trend that continues to arise on the internet. Sometimes I think people take it too far, and see comments as offensive when they are really not. I will give you an excellent example, “I look overweight when I am bigger than a size 6.” This is very true. I freak out when my size 6 clothing items do not fit me right, because I feel bloated, and look heavy. I am in no way shape or form implying that women larger than a size 6 are over weight. I am simply making a bold statement about MY body. I am only 5ft6 and have a medium sized frame. My hands are tiny, and I carry most of my weight in my butt region, and gain weight in my face quickly. I have to watch my weight, because I am prone to being overweight. I don’t think I am “fat shaming” anyone, or view myself in a negative light. I simply care about my health, and my appearance. 

There are some sensitive women that would think to themselves “well if she thinks she’s fat when she’s bigger than a 6 what does she think of me, I am a 12?” I honestly dont care about your body. Its yours not mine. Why should I care? Sometimes women with poor body images believe people are constantly tearing them apart when in reality they are their worst bullies! If you dislike your body, do something about it! 

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I’m Sick of The “Fat Shaming” Card

Apparently Gwen Stefani has found herself in the midst of a controversy after she posted an old photograph and referred to herself as “chunky”. People need to shut the fuck up. I do not think she is body shaming anyone…we all look back on old photographs and think “omg I was chubbier then or what was I thinking with my hair”. She used the word chunky, not fat. Not everyone views the word chunky in a negative light some people think being chunky is a good thing. So the people whining about a tiny comment need to pipe down.