Happy Saturday Everyone!

I said in an earlier post, that I am going to be starting my own online public relations business, which will also consist of monitoring social media sites (portfolio available upon request*). I do have relationships with a variety of different bloggers, along with a few you tubers, therefore I can get businesses mentioned if the demographic is on point! If any of my blogger friends are interested in getting on my roster for me! Anyways, what do you think of my logo?Passaro_Relations_Logo01


Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks..Done the Snarky Way

Since I ❤ digital marketing…I am going to give you a few tips :)…

1.) Do not fucking spam sites. I mean it. Do not randomly post your damn website on reddit, instagram and Youtube. This will increase your bounce rate and will screw with your ranking on google!

2.) UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA! AGAIN UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY YOUR FOLLOWERS it is a waste of damn time! Those bots will not do shit for you! Instead, engage with people you can benefit from, respond to their tweets, share their FB posts, make comments etc. The followers will come. Twitter is my main bitch, because I accumulated thousands of hits on articles I wrote, because I was able to get people with tons of followers to rt me :).

3.) It is all about NEW MEDIA! You need to build relationships with you tubers, podcasters…etc! Create your own damn podcast; it is super easy, and shows you are an expert within your industry.

4.) Your site should be FULL of photos, and should not contain a shit ton of pages, and content. Your site can kick ass on Google by focusing more on images, because believe it or not people do not read like they used to. Tag your images correctly, and tag your videos, and have some kick ass online PR and you shall be good to go :).

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#MCM Let’s Focus on Male Entrepreneurs

Good Afternoon Folks,

Am I the only one that could give rat’s ass about the super bowl? Anyways, we are not going to be focusing on football, or any other sport today, because this week’s MCM’s are men that had visions, ideas, and went out and built their own damn dreams!

#1. David Karp- He is a bit intimdating, because he founded Tumblr, and he’s only a few years older than myself. I feel as if I haven’t achieved anything!


(Photo via Google Image)

#2 Mark Cuban, because he is ridiculously sexy, and blunt. He is also one of the sharks on one of my favorite television shows, Shark Tank.


(Photo via Twitter)

#3 Michael J.D. Warner- CEO of ThunderReach, a digital marketing and PR agency. He is on top of his game!


(Photo via Twitter)

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