Religion, Sex & Jodi Arias

So, if you have been on the internet today, you probably know that Jodi Arias received life without the possibility of parole. Some of you are probably like Jodi Arias who? While others are finally relieved that the decision was finally made, because it feels as if this case has been going on for a decade. For those of you reading that do not know who Jodi is, I will fill you in quickly: She is an attractive chick that had wild, hot, steamy sex with her ex and then when crazy and decided to murder him in cold blood. Yes, the media ate up the phone sex, the dirty photos, and their wild nights of sex. She didn’t just murder the poor guy, she slashed his throat, stabbed him 27 times, and shot him in the head, and claimed it was self-defense! She likes to lie, and played foolish mind games throughout the trial.


Many people hoped she would get the death penalty, and since Arizona is an incredibly conservative state, it looked like maybe, just maybe this was a possibility, but you see Arias is cute, and she has a vagina, therefore I knew she would more than likely escape death. I am not sexist, or shallow, but our judicial is (my opinion of course), women are not sentenced as harshly as men, especially when they are easy on the eyes.

Take a look at Isaiah Tyron, a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend a few months ago. He also stabbed his girlfriend, but unfortunately for him, he gets death.


Tyrone Harts also murdered his girlfriend a few years ago, and unlike Arias, he was unable to skip the death penalty. See full story here: Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.20.53 PM

Those are just two examples, there are plenty more! If you did not realize this by now, hard news does not exist anymore, it is not about news, it is about entertaining people, getting hits, and getting ratings. Haven’t you noticed many news anchors, and reporters lack talent? Haven’t you noticed news sources will use ridiculous titles in order to get that click? Arias was the perfect woman to assist in getting these news sources ratings, and social media shares. Arias was the perfect woman to use for selling books, and making a movie, because her case involved religion, sex, beauty, and murder.



Jodi Arias Should NOT Be Put To Death

For the most part my political views are quite liberal, I am pro-choice, support gay marriage, and believe we should educate our youth on practicing safe sex rather than lecturing them on saving sex until marriage. 

I posses a rather conservative opinion in regards to the death penalty, I fully support it but not in the Jodi Arias case. I am tired of arguing with people about Arias, I will never change my opinion, I am extremely opinionated, and empathize with Jodi. Do I think she is guilty? Yes, I think my cat would have convicted her. All of the evidence points at her, the stolen gun, her DNA all over the crime scene, scratches on her arms, fleeing the scene, and her obsessive behavior when it came to Travis. 

Here is why I do not believe Ms. Arias should be put to death, for one thing Travis Alexander used her for sex. I do not care if she enjoyed it or not, he still only kept in contact with her because he wanted to engage in sexual intercourse, meanwhile he knew she was in love with him to the point of obsession. He lied to his friends, said their relationship was finished than he goes and continues to sleep with her despite breaking up with her, giving her false hopes that the relationship could blossom again. He was a cheater. He cheated on his girl friend with Ms. Arias. He emotionally manipulated Jodi, listening to that phone sex tape made me sick to my stomach, I heard the voice of an innocent woman that was clearly harmed by an emotional abuser. Telling a grown woman she sounds like a 12 year old the first time they orgasm is pretty sickening. I would not want any children near that man. Bottom line is he used her to act out his sexual fantasies, and that is not okay because she was emotionally harmed in the process. All he wanted to do was take naked photographs, and make pornographic videos, that he felt were “so amazing.” 

The media vilifies people, because it intrigues audience members which provides networks with high ratings. Most people are not even listening to what the woman has to say instead they believe she is crazy/evil. In my opinion she snapped. In the beginning of the trial, she discussed her childhood, and than proceeded into discussing her previous romantic relationships. One of which was a user, just like Travis Alexander, only he used her to pay the rent. She was living with him at the time he was like 19 or 20,  without a job, and was not in school, Arias worked as a waitress to pay the bills.

 I think Jodi Arias committed an evil crime, however I do not believe she is an evil person, she was a victim of her negative surroundings. Killing Travis was a disgusting thing to do, and she should be in prison for it he DID NOT deserve to die, yet alone so violently. 

Serial killers such as Ted Bundy deserved the death penalty, because he enjoyed killing, and was not going to stop. Serial killers such as the BTK killer, explained how killing was just a part of who he is, and how sometimes it took years to find his next victim. He spoke of murdering his victims like he was baking a cake, he lacked resentment, he was cold, and emotionless. Arias cried on trial, there was a sense of sadness that was seen in her eyes. Do I think she would kill again? I cant answer that maybe…that’s why she should remain in prison. The death penalty should be for people that murder children, serial killers, and in my opinion animal abusers. I HATE, HATE animal abusers, I think they are sick, disturbed, terrible people but that is a completely different topic-this entry is about Ms. Arias. I do not believe she deserves death, and I hope the jury agrees with me in September.Jodi Arias reacts as a guilty verdict is read in her first-degree murder trial in Phoenix