People Treat You Like DIRT When They No Longer Need You

Roses are red violets are blue be prepared to get treated like shit when people don’t need you!

I seriously HATE PEOPLE! Like I would much rather befriend a room full of mosquitos than a bunch of humans, because at least they’ll straight up bite you, and fuck you over right then and there. No fucking bull shit necessary! 

I hate most people, because they are only nice to you when they need something, but when they no longer need you they treat you like garbage. There is a part of me that wants to scream and cry like some bratty 13 year old girl, but then I know the ultimate revenge against people is simply to give them the cold shoulder and ignore them. Yup. It works like a charm, and I am dead serious, for some reason people go bat shit crazy when you fucking ignore them! Guys especially hate this shit; it drives them insane, and I just adore seeing them crumble. I am royally mad, and because of my anger I decided to be even nicer, YEP, I will NEVER EVER make someone feel as if I only want to talk to them when I need them, because it is a shitty feeling, and I do not wish it upon others. I am secretly a hero disguised as a villain, and I truly only want to spread good in the world. HAPPY HALLOWEEN BITCHES!!!!



The Best Protagonist’s are the One’s You Hate!

It is no surprise to the world that I am a bit strange. I often see things much differently then others, and I am okay with this, because it makes me unique. I believe the best protagonist’s are the ones that are so easily hated, because it makes them more authentic, it makes them flawed, it paints a picture of all their imperfections. It shows they are somewhat like me. 

Holden Caufield is one of literature’s most prominent protagonists, and some people refer to him as an asshole, or a spoiled, whiny brat! He was a spoiled brat, but he was also a teenager that felt misunderstood and alienated like many other young people do. He IS very relate-able, regardless of the fact that he came from money. I think sometimes people think that wealthier people lack problems, and while they do not have the same problems as those that are not as economically fortunate, they are human, they still bleed. We all have problems, and similar ones when you break them apart and analyze them. If your parent sent you to boarding schools you might feel rejected, unwanted or angry. These are similar feelings to those that feel a sense of abandonment because a parent left them. Over five decades after that book hit the shelves, Caufield still remains a symbol of teen rebellion.

I love protagonists that make you want to punch them, because it makes them more interesting. I do not want to like someone so much to the point that they become unreal, and seem to fucking perfect.


Why People Don’t Like You!

Some humans are unlikable, or at least they appear to be that way. Other humans do not want to be friends with them, or they simply ignore them altogether. Why are some people so unlovable?

They brag.- Who the fuck wants to be around someone that constantly toots their own horn? NOBODY! These types of people will somehow make your victory moment about them, but the problem is it is only about them in their own mind!

They’re dishonest- These types of people may seem awesome in the beginning, but when you peal back a few layers you will realize they have a rotten core. Honesty is a vital component to any relationship.

They’re overly competitive- They make everything a competition and it gets ridiculous. 

They’re self centered- Their favorite subject in the world is themselves, and this is an enormous turn off. There are other topics in the world besides you learn how to discuss them.

They’re extremely successful- The issue is they are rock-stars, entrepreneurs and best-selling writers in their own damn heads!

What makes a person unlikable?? COMMENT

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Crazy People Change The World..For The Better

I have always been a bit weird. When I was a little girl, I thought there were small people in the car radio that sang and that is where music came from. I used to contemplate different ways I could open up the speaker and steal those tiny people. I have no idea where this strange thought came about. 

When I was six I learned how to write. It was like falling in love for the first time, because it was something I was good at. I was never athletic, I sucked at math and I was incredibly shy but I could do anything with a pencil and a piece of notebook paper. It was here on out I knew I wanted to be a writer. I love telling stories, I love exaggerating and most of all I adore creating characters. Mine are so precise, I let you know who they are down the last freckle. 

Writers are crazy. We have a few screws loose in our brains, they were probably never screwed on tight to begin with but that is what makes us special. Crazy people that think outside of the box change the world, because they were not afraid to follow their dreams, get belittled and created their own rules instead of following others. 

So be weird please..think outside of the box..dress how you want to and don’t be afraid of criticism. It is all a part of life.