Andrea Hates You

Check out my new series…it revolves around a girl named Andrea..she hates everything…in this video she discusses why she hates pop music Andrea Hates You


Dipshit Duggers

I literally cannot escape this Dugger family. Let me remind you that I do not have a television at home, and I am really not a fan of reality tv, but I especially cannot stand these Dugger morons.

They’re on some show where they have 19 kids, and the parents look like they could be cousins. I know that one of them was just caught in some scandal, because he inappropriately touched one of the other kids….am I right? Anyways, dipshits like the Duggers are ALWAYS the most screwed up! They like to play up the whole “we are perfect, we don’t do anything wrong, we don’t use fowl language, drink or shit the wrong away…….., but then they are usually caught in some sort of a sex scandal, or have an unhealthy relationship with sex.

Sex is natural. We all want sex. We all think about sex. It is how our brains were designed! YOU CANNOT STOP YOUR CHILDREN FROM HAVING SEX. YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE YOUR KIDS BELIEVE THAT SEX IS DIRTY OR IMMORAL. You should educate your kids on proper contraception methods, along with the fact that sex could possibly lead to STDs if they are not careful. I know this is going off subject from the dipshit Duggers, but I can only imagine how they were raised to view sex.

I think what the creepy Dugger kid was 100000000% WRONG, and he should be penalized for his actions, but the parents are also guilty. These people are utterly insane!!!!

She’s Cray Bro.


Most of the time articles/bloggers like to focus on how men are cheaters, liars, and how to avoid the “bad” ones, but today I am going to give advice to my fellow men, because I think most of you are actually pretty good. You just get a bad rep from a bunch of females who have daddy issues. I used my favorite girl, Scarlett, because she was down right awesome in Don Jon, but she was also fucking crazy. Why was she crazy? Well for starters, she had an issue with the Don watching porn, and all men watch it, who the fuck cares, its not cheating! She also had unrealistic expectations for relationships, and she wanted to change him. If you don’t like someone, then don’t date them, period, end of story. You shouldn’t try to change, or mold someone into what you want them to be. You will not succeed. Here’s a list for my fellow males…on why she might be cray bro.

#1. She blows up your fucking phone about anything/everything. Nobody wants to talk to the same damn person all damn day, people have lives. She’s too needy. She’s cray bro.

#2. She takes jealousy to the extreme. She watches your social media like a hawk, and knows every sue, sally, and Jane liking/commenting your stuff, but little does she know they’re your cousins, or they’re lesbians. We all snoop, but if she spends countless hours stalking you…she’s probably cray bro.

#3. She compares herself to other women, like all the time. Omg her ass is better, her tits are better, I wish I was as skinny as her. You will feel dumbfounded, and get extremely irritated, because she’s cray bro.

#4. She doesn’t want to get naked when you’re having sex. We all have insecurities, and we all have physical flaws BOTH genders, but nobody analyzes each others bodies in the bedroom, but if she’s that insecure…she’s probably cray bro.

#5. She gets mad about stupid you were 2 minutes late, or bought her Vanilla creamer instead of French Vanilla. She’s prob cray bro.

#6. She picks fights with you out of boredom, and then tries to make you look like the villain. She’s prob cray bro.

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