The Prestige, Comedy..Similarities

I do not know how many of you have seen the film, The Prestige, but if you haven’t, you should check it out. It has some incredible actors! Anyways, the film is about two magicians who are constantly competing against one another. One of the magicians has a trick that nobody can seem to figure out…

Magic tricks are broken down into three parts: 

When I was watching this the other night, I instantly saw a huge correlation between magic tricks and writing jokes.

The first part of the joke is called the premise…in magic tricks, it is called the pledge, the comic tells you something ordinary, or believable…I hate mice, or My shoes piss me off…then in the second act the joke starts to turn…the comic takes that ordinary premise, and starts to show the audience something out of the ordinary and if the audience is truly into it they will not even try to predict where you are going with the joke because ultimately they want to be fooled. Of course there is no third act, there is nobody to bring back, but in a nutshell, I saw a few similarities.

xoxoxoxo- Jaclyn

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100% REAL Juice, Not from concentrate

Some people perceive me as a self entitled snob. They are very wrong. I’m just an asshole.

I’m real though.

I’m an ADHD scatter-brained space cadette who’s actually fairly bright & quite endearing.

I can’t help it. I can’t hide it. When I do I become unlikable.

I just finished my first year doing comedy…so far I tried out two characters & they both failed. One was an airhead and the other was a narcissistic bitch. They both failed terribly. First of all, I am not dumb and when the audience caught on to this they stopped laughing. I also couldn’t continue to write from an airhead’s perspective, because although I am a total space cadette, I am still intelligent.

Guess what I do now? I GO ON STAGE AS MY FUCKING SELF!!!!! Sometimes I do well, and sometimes I tank. I just cant be anyone other my adorable, charming self. My jokes hit better coming from Jaclyn, and only Jaclyn. I write a lot of dark material. I turned Barbie into a serial killer and have insinuated killing my boyfriends, and they got laughs…because it was me who felt that frustration it was me who delivered those jokes not some fake ass character. FUCK THAT!

This is comedy from my perspective.

#1. The more successful comics tend to be the nicer of the bunch.

#2. The whiny comics are usually the least talented.

#3. Comedy is still mostly men and at my level they ALL talk about the same shit.

#4. I like being on line ups with newer and more seasoned comics. I don’t feel as intimidated and I can still learn.

#5. I love writing. It is my obsession. It’s all I think about.

Here is some stuff I am working on………………

Smart Porn, Jobs I could never ever do, The fact that most women avoid red flags but i create them, Twisted Snow White.



Performing is a lot like sex.


I have come to the realization that performing is very similar to sex. When it comes to performing my jokes, I have issues connecting with an audience that is not automatically listening. Performing comedy is very similar to sex, because if there is absolutely no emotional connection the audience loses their interest. I believe I do this to a lot of men. I frequently take the emotional switch inside of my brain and shut it off, because I believe it makes me powerful. I have the ability to have sex with whoever I desire without getting burned because I don’t let them emotionally inside of me. This has become a terrible habit because it actually makes me quite weak causing me to never be fully satisfied with any guy.

Whether women want to believe it or not, men like emotional sex. They may like fucking too, because it is more taboo and we live in a sex suppressed society but they want to emotionally connect. Trust me. Part of sexual connection comes from how two people communicate with one another. If a guy gets sick of talking with a girl he will eventually grow sick and tired of the sex. Sex cannot keep a relationship. It will keep a guy temporarily around.

The toughest part about comedy isn’t the joke writing. I know how to write a joke, i know how to write pretty good turns and fuck with people’s heads. I have problems emotionally connecting, because I have emotionally tuned myself out. I need to get it back, I need my vulnerability back because you need that with comedy. If the audience doesn’t sense vulnerability then you fail. If a guy doesnt sense some warmth about you during sex they will not stick around. They lose the ability to feel comfortable with you and really open up.To some form of degree the audience needs to open up to you and feel safe.









Marriage is not interesting.



To me.

I am at that age where all every girl wants to do is get married. I get asked on a regular basis..the infamous when are you going to get married? I do not have any interest in marriage…here is why.

I think relationships are like a baseball game.

Right now I am one of the star players, because, I am young, fast and have the ability to score at a rapid pace. This is not going to last forever. Time will take away my youth and will force me out of the game and when that time comes, I will get married.

Society likes to tell women they must get married in their 20’s because that is when their beauty peaks and they have more shots at finding a suitable partner. Dear society…you can kiss my ass. I think women get hotter in their 30’s and 40’s because they have a substantial amount of life experience under their belt, and they seem to become more sexually secure. I also believe marriage would work better if people settled down later in life. As far as babies are concerned, it is 2016 if you’re financially secure have a kid…you do not need a fancy cake and a piece of paper to determine that decision.


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Don’t be offensive strictly to offend

If you have not read previous posts, let me inform you, I am doing stand up! I have two upcoming shows in the LA area, one of them is December 19th and the other is December 29th. Anyways, enough self-promotion.

As a comedian, I believe I can make jokes about whatever I choose. I also believe that it is not okay to write offensive jokes strictly to be offensive because you will not look funny you will look like an unlikable asshole. You cannot go on a stage with a set containing offensive jokes if they’re not fucking funny. I love Anthony Jeselnik, he is definitely my favorite comedian right now. He talks about dead babies, murder, and has a number of sexist jokes. They’re all fucking hysterical, partially because they’re all fake, and I realize he is just a character! Most comedians do not go on stage as themselves…they go on as a character.

People these days get uptight about anything and everything…

Just a Tad Bit of Smiles

Good Evening All,

I recently finished a Sketch Writing Course at UCB, and learned a shit ton about writing comedy. I learned that I like to complicate stuff, and write multi-dimensial characters which just doesn’t cut it in comedy, because sketches need to be simple, and there should be one primary focus of crazy. Anyways, I am writing my first draft of a skit I am going to be shooting, and editing with one of my friends, who recently booked a Petco commercial, pretty cool huh? It will be posted here as well as LongAwkwardPause, a bomb comedy site you all should check out :).

So far my skit is called The Shrink, and it is about a narcissistic girl that is complaining about how terrible her exes are because of bizarre reasons, and thats all I am telling you, because I want you to watch it….when it is up. It sounds stupid, but it will be okay when it is up…I promise. I was inspired to write it, because I think tons of women complain about men for over the top dumb shit.

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